Out of all the religions - Why Christianity?

Out of all the world religions, from Hinduism to Zoroastrianism, why do you trust that the Christian message and interpretation of God is correct?

Judaism claims he was a false Messiah, and Islam claims Christ was merely a prophet whose message was corrupted. Why follow Christ over the other so called ‘gods’ and other ways of interpretation God (such as spiritualism over religion)?

Christianity is the only religion that offers a solution to man’s sinfulness.
Other forms of worship may promote peace, forgiveness, love, etc.
But only Jesus Christ provided the sacrifice that was worthy to redeem human beings and restore our place with God.

Other religions may discount Jesus as being the Messiah, but they don’t have any solution.

Jesus Christ, who is God incarnate, died for my sins. Are you asking for an emotional argument, scientific, philosophical, etc? I’m confused.

Any which convinced you. I’m just curious as to why people chose to follow Christianity over other belief systems. (Such as yourself, who converted from Buddhism :slight_smile: )

5000 fulfilled prophesies in the Bible. No other religion has that.

That’s a start. It’s not enough but it is a start.

Ultimately I know Christianity to be true because God made himself known to me in a very personal, intimate, undeniable way. Everything else is grasping at straws.



It was what was taught to me from birth. I have not found any faults with its teachings, even though I strayed for most of my adult life. It works for me. Unlike many, I’m not a big fan of pointing out the errors in others faith, so I like to think there are many ways to salvation. But catholicism works for me! I just try to set a good example.

This may sound corny, but I beleive because God the Father has written it in my heart. The Holy Spirit has whispered it in my ear. The Son has shown it to me through his actions.

I was agnostic for many years, but once I allowed for the possibility that Christian might be true it all fell into place. In many ways it defies logic and reason, but that is the cornerstone of belief for me. I find it to be true, despite all augments to the contrary.

Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world.

Naturally one is more likely to have one’s attention grabbed by it at a young age in areas where there are more Christians and churches, also of course where one is allowed to take notice of it.

Three of my grandparents changed religion twice in their own lifetimes, therefore I am of a family of intrepid explorers!

Though in canon law we were Catholics, our surrounding atmosphere was either agnostic or middle-of-the road protestant. In spite of specific learning differences in some other areas, I’ve never had trouble with the sophistication of that, being a very strong visual thinker.

It appears to me the Christian faith comes closer to one as a person than other faiths.

I have had periods of backsliding but it’s evident there have been big moves of Providence in my life and the lives of some people I’ve known. I had the opportunity to study remarkable Scriptures with others over many years, mostly informally. I’m just learning to pray more in the awareness of the Paraclete.

I believe everybody’s journey is unique.

I am very interested in the wide world, its countries and peoples and long history. I think they’ve all got a lot to tell me.

For me it was ultimately a logical proof as well as an experiential proof that lead me to Catholicism. No other faith presents a cohesive and rational understanding about creation as a whole, and atheism (or, the lack of a god entirely) is impossible because existence demands an external creator. On the experiential side, I have a personal encounter with God. It’s entirely subjective, of course, which is why I never consider it proof for others.

For me, it is fairly simple.

In order for a religion to be a valid alternative (IMHO) it must have offered the opportunity of salvation to all people (throughout time) and it cannot have contradicted itself (in terms of what it teaches with regard to faith, morals and salvation.)

The list gets pretty short pretty quick…

Ultimately I settled on two possible alternatives: Catholic or agnostic.


I was raised to believe in Christ from birth, particularly after almost 2 decades of religious schooling?

I mean that was undeniably the foundation. But I’ve found that the basic messages of Christ were good and true ones. His actions in life and death and life again give me ample reason to believe in him. And after having left Christianity for a time, I found that life absent belief in Christ was lacking in a way I can’t fully explain.

Christ reveals God as no one else has before or since; He “undistorts” man’s misconception of Him, a misconception attested to in Church teachings. We tend to naturally think of God as aloof and distant in His superiority, perhaps angry and vengeful.

Jesus, when humankind began to be ready, showed just the opposite: a love for man so powerful and unconditional- unfathomable without the help of grace- in spite of man’s sin. That was God on the cross, suffering an excruciatingly humiliating and painful death at the hands of His own creation if that’s what it takes to prove how far He’d go to prove that goodness, that trustworthiness, that mercy-that love, in spite of man’s mistrust-our doubting both His existence and His love- and even hatred of Him, conscious or otherwise. Enmity comes from man-not God. God is, amazingly, humble even-and even though He could squash us like a bug. 1 Cor 13 actually provides direct insight into the nature of God.

It’s the only belief system that happens to be true.
Any person who actually follows the tenets of Christianity becomes so much more than just a “human”. There have been thousands of Saints and wonderworkers amongst Christians in the last 2000 years.

What have the other religions produced?
The best of any of them are still just people.

We’re in the middle of Easter Season yet no one has mentioned that Jesus Christ is the only person to ever rise from the dead under his own power. “If Christ be not risen from the dead our faith is in vain.”

Only three major world religions are history based–that is based on actual events not mere mythologies. Judaism, which is true, as far as it goes. But it has been fulfilled in Christ. Islam, a off-shoot of Christianity that has managed to survive since its founder was outside the Church’s jurisdiction to declare him heretical (he wasn’t a Christian to begin with but a pagan)–who made converts more by the sword than by persuasion.

I was brought up Christian and have personal anecdotes that mean something to me, but I would never try to persuade others by that alone. History bears out the fact that Christ was who he claimed to be–the Son of God who is both man and God. That’s it really.

the reasons for believing in Jesus are too many to enumerate here.

however, i will provide four that i find most significant.

first, only christianity reveals the depth of our Creator’s love for us.

second, only christianity provides a concrete reason to believe that death does not have the last word in our lives.

third, only christianity reveals that God is One Being perfectly shared by three Perfect Persons.

fourth, only christianity provides complete and perfect communion with the Divine Mysteries of Creation.

nothing but christianity does the above four things.

There is a lot of evidence in favor of Christianity being true.

Well, there are good arguments leading to monotheism, and I find Abrahamic monotheism as more plausible than eastern. But why Christianity over Judaism or Islam? The resurrection as a historical event is really the best argument that vindicates it over the other faiths. The miracle of Islam and Mohammad is a book. The miracle of Christianity is the resurrection, plus numerous others throughout the millenia, the truth of which converted an Empire and spread at a ridiculously fast pace. Not by the sword, but by evangelization.

Its what I was raised in. At 2 months old I was in a church and my family on both sides have been christian for at least 500 years. And its the most common religion in my country and culture so Ive been heavily exposed to it. I feel comfortable in it. I grew up reading and studying the bible, and it holds a special place in my heart. It brings me comfort and peace. There is beauty in it. Those are some of the reasons Im a Christian.

Also, I think Christ’s sacrifice was a beautiful extremely selfless act. Christ took on so much and died a horrible death for us. The least I can do is try to live by his example and be a better person. So even if I wasnt a practicing Christian, Christ would still be one of my role models.

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