Out of Body Experience

Have you ever had a out of body experience? If so please share it.

When I was about 5 years old, fell in the water at a dock while my family and I were fishing and hit my head pretty hard against a rock or some cement (it was dock a that was about 200 feet long) I was at one end and the rest were at the other. I passed out for about 2 minutes. When I was unconscious underwater, I saw a panoramic view of the water where I was, then I transitioned to a silhouette of someone surrounded by a huge comforting white light saying (in french), <<HEY! what are you doing? Get up!>> Next thing I knew my dad pulled me out of the water by my ankle and I coughed out the water upside down. The water was so polluted (lake Nippising) that my dad couldn’t see me in the water and I had to throw out everything I had on me once we got home.

I think it might have been Archangel Raphael who I saw cause once I got out of the water, my head was okay.

Hi Joe. Wow interesting. But… this topic MIGHT fall under the “No Private Revelations” rule at Catholic Answers. So… you may not get any responses on this.

Here is a link… concerning that rule.


God bless you.

P.S. I’m very glad that your dad was there, to pull you out of that water! :eek:

Hi Joe! WELCOME to CAF, i dont know anything about threads to much I more or less post in them. But i can say i had an experience once when I was a child, but I dont want to be laughed at so I will not put it on here sorry but your friendly neighborhood Catholics can be rather strange at times. Now someone will come and tell me that I was not charitable, perhaps, but I am being truthful. I hope you find friends here I have, but their are others to. If anyone has a problem with what I said pm me. love of Christ Nancy

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