Out of Curiosity- What Is Your Favorite Icon?

Since I am now looking for icons to help me on my journey with Jesus and starting to practice lectio divina, I am curious as to which icons are your favorites (please attach pictures if possible) :slight_smile: Also how do you practice prayer with icons?

I guess the FireFox one…I use it the most…:smiley:

I dearly love a picture of the Sacred Heart, or a picture of Jesus as Divine Mercy. They both exude such love, that a sense of peace engulfs me when I view either of them.

Haha, I personally preferred the Itunes v. 9 icon before they updated it for this blue thing with v. 10.

But recently I’ve been crushing on the Icon of Tenderness that Seraphim owned.

I also LOVE the Divine Ladder, the icon of the lamentation is beautiful, and I love this icon of Saint Paul and Saint Chrysostom.

I don’t have any single favorite Holy Icon but I do love the one of Sts. Peter and Paul embracing. It makes me think of this video of His All Holiness Bartholomew and HH Benedict XVI reciting together the Symbol of Faith in the Greek. :thumbsup:

In the temples I worship in I do have Holy Icons I definitely gravitate to at different times. I took a class last summer on painting/writing Holy Icons. We all wrote/painted the Holy Mandylion which we were told is the first icon one should make. Christ God in mine looks like He has a broken nose, unintended, the result of my lack of any artistic skills, and I really love His broken nose. :slight_smile:

Favourite icon as in favourite scene depicted on the icon? I’m partial to an icon of St. Mary of Egypt and St. Zosima.

I’m also partial to the icon of Christ as the High Priest enthroned, but that’s in part because it was the first icon of Christ I acquired.

The pantocrator & theotokion by Very Rev. Fr. Michael Artim, of eternal memory. Made in mosaic of leftover floor tiles.

Mine is St Seraphim’s Icon of the Virgin of Tenderness. He prayed before it all his life and he died in prayer on his knees - his body leaned towards it and his forehead came to rest on the folded hands of the Most Pure Mother of God.


The icon of ‘Christ the Great High Priest.’ It is one reason why I love to go to services in the chapel. :slight_smile:

That is one of my favorites. I also like the icon of the Resurrection (Christ is raising Adam and Eve while standing over the defeated Death):


I would have to say the La Bruna.

The first Image of the Virgin venerated by the Carmelite Order.

Many are not aware that this is an Icon.

I will also add, The Theotokos as the Burning Bush.

There are many, but two stand out:

The Vladimir Mother of God:

and the icon of the Transfiguration:

To pray with icons, you make the sign of the cross before them and venerate them by kissing them.

That looks much like the La Bruna.

They both have a sweet kiss depiction. The two also seem the obverse of each other. In the Vladimir Mother of God icon, Christ looks at his mother, while his mother looks out at us. In the La Bruna, Christ looks out at us while Mary looks at her Son. In the one, Christ is on the left side of Mary, and in the other, on her right.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Częstochowa
A good place for icons is ,St. Joseph School for Boys Bookstore , they have a nice selection of icons for a great price. I plan on buying an icon from them next week.
St. Joseph School for Boys Bookstore

My favorite is one not commonly associated with Byzantines but rather Franciscans


Our Lady of Perpetual Help because we had a large screen print copy of the Eastern icon in our home, that our mother had received as a gift when she entered the Church, and to whom she had a great devotion.

The Rublev Holy Trinity for my personal devotion. A sister gave a talk during one of the Steubenville conferences on the Trinity, and used this icon as an illustration. The talk was transformative in my own understanding so I sought out and purchased a reproduction.

I don’t care for most modern icons but look for reproductions of classical ones to whom I have an emotional response.

I found one in an antique shop I bought because I thought it was OLPH and it “looks old”, looks as if painted on stiff paper glued to the wood backing, and the quality of the gilt is still good. But the Child is facing the Mother, unlike the more familiar OLPH reproduced above where the child is looking away. There faces are not touching as in the one I have heard called the sweet kiss, and his right hand is raised in blessing and he holds something in his left hand I can’t make out, help anyone? The colors are mostly the same but there are also no angels.

Our Lady of Czestochowa.

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