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When I was at Confession today, I heard a mother tell her children before they walked into the church “Look at Jesus in the Tabernacle.” She had five kids and all of them genuflected and the one girl even prostrated herself before the Tabernacle. When I came out of Confession, two of the kids were in line.

I just wanted to point this out since it is a wonderful sight to see.


God bless this holy woman and her family. :signofcross:


That is wonderful! There is a family in my parish that I’m reminded of when I read this. 4 young children, the oldest probably 10… they are very, very reverent and respectful. I know they’re homeschooled and their parents seem quite old-fashioned. It is wonderful to see how they behave and the respect they have… genuflecting, kneeling and praying, being very involved in the mass, etc. :slight_smile:


How awesome!!! It’s so great to see families that take the Faith seriously and raise their kids to do the same! Bravo! Hopefully others saw this family so that they can be a shining example to them!:amen:


Well, by that point, there weren’t many people left to go to Confession. There had been quite a line before. :smiley: This isn’t my home parish. I had gone to this one because my home parish was still having a quincenera when I drove by and so decided to go this parish. I was happy there was a line.


:extrahappy: thanks for sharing…that’s wonderful!


I saw a similar thing today when I went to confession at another parish other than my home. It was a mom and her son, and they had just received reconciliation, and after their prayers, the mom gently brought her son towards the altar, sat down in one of the front pews and contemplated on Christ on the cross. It was very moving to see!

On a down note, though, I couldn’t see where they had the tabernacle - it wasn’t anywhere near the altar - in fact, I didn’t even know where it was! To alleviate any anxiety I might be feeling about a missing tabernacle, I just kept repeating to myself, “Blessed are those who believe, but do not have eyes to see…”


Oh that’s wonderful to see I’m sure!

I always have to do the “thump and gravity” to remind my kids to genuflect. You know, the thump on the back of the head or hand pressing down on the shoulder? (All done gently but effectively of course!)

**It would help it they didn’t feel like there was a stampede behind them. No one ever really does it around here. It’s more of a “swat the fly”, nod the head, and run to stand in the aisle and chat process.:cool: **

**I find it somewhat amusing that the old people get a good chuckle when they notice me doing this and the younger people get a “hurry up, you’re so mean, but I guess I can’t say anything” look.:blush: **


Wow. The only line I’ve ever seen for Confession at my church is during Advent Reconcillation service.
When I went this Saturday, there was a woman waiting. I was so shocked I almost apologized for taking so long, since my pastor and I generally chit-chat for a while after Absolution, because there is NEVER anyone who comes, and I think he gets bored waiting.


I think I mentioned before but this wasn’t my home parish. My home parish there might be one other person there. If that and never any families. Most of the people at my home parish go only during the communal services at Lent and Advent.

This was my first time to this parish. I’ve gone to the priests of this parish before (because of the communal reconciliation services before) but only went this time because I had driven past my own parish and there was still another event going on. Plus, I’m in the process of changing parishes so this was an incentive to consider this parish.


It is amazing to me how sometimes kids “get it” more than some adults do.

I know that in our parish we see some families with kids that think that mass is just a different location for play time. But I will admit that most of the families that are in mass with kids are doing an amazing job as the kids are very well behaved in mass and seemingly pay attention throughout the entire mass.


We’re blessed at our traditional rite parish to see this sort of thing all the time. The parents start when the babies are young and pre-verbal, but old enough to understand to look when mama is pointing somewhere. The mothers all say to their babies at Consecration, “Look! Here comes Jesus! This is so exciting! Let’s say hi to Jesus!” Those of us who are stuck in the vestibule with loud babies are walking around looking at the paintings of Jesus, Mary, and angels on the walls and telling our babies about them long before they can understand. Soon enough, we have the aisles full of two-year-olds all genuflecting and making the sign of the cross. Also, our confessional lines (we have confession daily and the lines always exceed the priests’ capacity on Sundays) are always full of children. Yet they’re not dour, scared children. They’re real delightful kids who have great fun playing after Mass.


As I pointed out, I’m in the process of finding a new parish due to issues at my current parish (basically I want a Catholic Church that worships God and is focused on Jesus and teaches the Truth and not what I’m getting which is Father worshiping as a evangelical non-denomination megachurch with all the syrupy and sugarfilled praise music, gadgets and gimmeckry, watered-down catechsis and still have the Eucharist) and seeing a family that understands and teaches the Faith and truly lives it is huge. My current parish most kids could care less about the Mass and what it means and the importance of the Eucharist. Parents don’t help.

On a side note, when I was a kid, I wasn’t scared of Confession or though it boring. I was, however, pretty certain that kids confessions had to be boring to the priests because “fighting with siblings, not listening to parents, not listening to teacher” had to get old.:smiley:


This is so uplifting to hear!

Not trying to brag, but (lol) my toddler knows to look for the red candle, (we have gone to mass where you just cant find it easily when visiting my parents) and does genuflect -
But, I never forced it, it came from example on its own.
Crossing before entering the Church has been pretty much constant too.
I wish there were holy water fonts at a child’s reach, why not?
I only have one child so far, so its likely not a large accomplishment. But, I am very proud.


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