Out of Wedlock Births!

Women are waiting longer to have children in the US

The number of children born outside marriage in the United States has increased dramatically to four out of ten of all births.
Figures show that 41 per cent of children born in 2008 did not have married parents - up from 28 per cent in 1990.
The percentage was even higher among mothers 35 years and older, with 71 per cent.


Frightening statistics! I would never have guessed it was this high…

Joe B

At least the babies are allowed to be born, and not tossed out in some abortion mill trash can. :shrug:

There are women at my work that have children like just to have them. Seriously. I mean unmarried single women. No joke, they purposely have kids. Just to have them. They were surprised that I am single and have no kids. LOL They just get public aid to support their kids. The state pays.

The other thing I have heard is that some women will get pregnant purposely, by stopping their birth control, because they think that if they are pregnant the guy will be forced to marry them.

Anyway, what this all comes down to is people rejecting the Church’s teaching on marriage and focusing on their own selfishness. The Church’s teaching is the key to true happiness in this life AND in the next.

It’s a miserable world - away from God. And the ideologies that drive these action are certainly somewhat unspiritual. I’ve met single parents who are lovely people, though. But I see them as victims more than anything. If only the ideologies that drive all these actions wouldn’t be so strong - but they’re only so strong because people are weak enough to want them.

It’s a sad world. :frowning:

A world away from God that continues without interruption in embracing paganism. Or, perhaps paganism seems more common in my neck of the woods. Nevertheless, we truly need to re-Christianize the world, and thus re-establish the moral norm that once defined our Western society.

Marriage was never a prerequisite for pregnancy and birth. Why is it wrong for a woman to want a child whether she is married or not? The Church does not discriminate against children of single or divorced mothers; nor does it withhold any sacraments from single mothers. Why should we?

just at a gathering this week with a mixed group of family and friends, and an 8 year old girl piped up when asked about her plans, she would like to get a boyfriend, have a lot of babies, and then get married. Knowing her family situation, that was a perfectly logical wish on her part. sad. sad. sad.

I keep the registers for 4 separate parishes. The percentage of baptisms for babies born out of wedlock is about 90%. In one community, there were no marriages for 4 years but ~130 babies born.

There is obviously a severe lack of understanding of the place of Marriage in society. But how we’ve gotten to this point so quickly! The over 35 statistic is just incredible.

Why do people not understand the importance of marriage to society? Is it because the definition of marriage has been so torn down that people no longer understand what it is? You add the secularism, lack of sound philosophical thought, Immorality, abortion, etc and I suppose I can see how we got here.

I’s just sad to see a report like this.:frowning:

Jee B

Marriage is the cornerstone of our society–an institution even safeguarded in Greek and Roman times. On the other hand, our welfare state provides incentives for women to perpetuate out of wedlock births since it’s advantageous for the mother in order gain more public money, albeit a different issue. Lastly, our society in quarters has defined out of wedlock births as an acceptable practice with marriage being an outmoded institution of “patriarchal repression,” thus continuing this unsustainable practice.

It seems to be OK now to deprive kids of a father, to deprive them of a family, to deprive them of brothers and sisters. Kids have been the biggest losers in the continuing devolution of marriage that began in the 1960’s and 1970’s and continues unabated. And now we expect them to care for us in our old age?

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