Outcry as BBC depicts pro-lifers as killers

Catholics and media standards campaigners protested this week at BBC One’s broadcast of a thriller showing pro-life activists as child murderers.

In Hunter two police officers played by Hugh Bonneville and Janet McTeer investigate the abduction of two boys. A hooded figure delivers a package to a television station’s offices containing a video showing footage of an abortion. The kidnappers threaten that unless the video is screened on the news the two children will be killed.

Mrs Quintavalle said: “Everyone should be outraged at such a manipulative representation of abortion politics. There is nothing in Hunter which has any relationship to the abortion debate as played out in the UK, and I think turning the other cheek is not an option.” She encouraged members of her organisation to protest to the BBC. The concluding episode was, in Mrs Quintavalle’s view, the worst.


Here is how the BBC describes Hunter:

Hugh Bonneville (Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story, Bonekickers) and Janet McTeer (Sense And Sensibility, Five Days) star as detective team Barclay and Foster in a gripping new two-part drama from BBC Drama Production, Hunter, to be shown on BBC One in early 2009.

Set firmly in the real world of difficult decisions amid horrific truths, procedural bureaucracy and human fallibility, Hunter is an intelligent and provocative drama where answers do not always come easily, ends do not always tie up neatly and the crime is not necessarily always solved.


I am uncertain whether Hunter will become a series, does anyone know?

At any rate, I congratulate them for producing a topical drama, but wonder if it is possible to do so without offending some constituency? I think the plot of this episode would be offensive to some group, whether the villains were pro-lifers or pro-choicers.

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