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Hello everyone,

Well I just got back from a youth retreat today for my high school. It was a yawn to say the least. Anyway, my question is about a Communion Service.

Earlier today we had about a 45 minute Communion Service. Sounds good, right? Well, for one, they didn’t give us any heads up this was coming, so no fast for me (or anyone), and it was not done in a church. Is that ok? Moving on, they did something that I find highly inappropriate.

They had a short skit (yes a full blown skit) for the Gospel. Yes, part of the Gospel wa read, however this skit was very very tacky. I’m short on time, but ask me and I’ll get back later for details.

Now my question is- was this skit at all appropriate for a Communion Service? I feel it wasn’t but I may be wrong.

Any clarification would help



Hi, I don’t think this was appropriate… I think it’s a rule that the Gospel must be read out reverently by a priest or a deacon, and everyone must stand out of respect… I think putting a skit in the Mass isn’t really appropriate :frowning:

also, reverence is very important for any church service, especially one where the Eucharist is present.

You said this was a “Communion service”, do you mean it wasn’t a Mass, but the Eucharist was pre-consecrated?


That’s exactly what I mean.

We did get the Eucharist.

O and we sang songs like ‘Our God is an awesome God’ and things of that sort. :frowning:


Ick. I’da given that priest a piece of my mind! :tsktsk: In private of course.


Funny thing is- there was no priest


Which is why it was just a Communion Service.

But why was it considered necessary to hold such a service?

That’s the main question.


I guess it was necessary because it ‘wrapped up’ our time on the retreat. That’s my guess anyway.


Hi there,

I don’t think this sounds right at all. They probably did the skit to keep the kids who didn’t want to be there entertained, which is pretty wrong. They should have at least said the Gospel and had a priest there.



That’s true indeed.

What I find really sad is that there was an ex-priest there and an ex-seminarian (excuse the spelling).

And they said nothing.

Sad to think that me, a high school student, can realize the wrongs commited while they did not. I do have to give them the benefit of the doubt, however. Maybe they realized it but said nothing for some reason.


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