Outrage after Virginia server reports 'racist' note left in lieu of tip


Instead of leaving a gratuity on Monday, a couple eating at a Harrisonburg, VA restaurant scrawled on the receipt: “We only tip citizens.”

The young server Sadie Elledge, 18, was born in the United States but is of Honduran and Mexican descent.

Her white grandfather, John Elledge spent most of the 1980s in Honduras, working for the Episcopal Church. He met a Honduran woman there who would become his wife. She already had 2 children so he adopted them and they returned to the United States. His son is Sadie’s father and her mother is of Mexican decent.

The owner of the restaurant said she no longer wants the patronage of the couple.




It seems like 95% of these stories turn out to be fake but a good way to score a lot of donations for the server.


???:shrug:…obviously I am reading this out of context…please tell me i’m the only one bothered by this response. :eek:


No I was bothered by it as well. Since it’s a statement that is bologna.


It isn’t bologna. A lot of these supposed racist or anti-LGBT incidents end up being hoax’s. My cut is to wait a bit for all the facts to come out.


A lot of thse are indeed fake.





There’s some truth to this:



I was too. I’m now not sure what sources are accepted here. I only know many news sources have reported this story and I thought FOX might be a safe bet.


Yeah. It’s sad how frequently people will exploit gut reactions against racism for their own gain. coughJesse Jackson cough


The problem is the news market is very competitive and every outlet wants to be first with a story. It tends to result in stories being put out with very little, if any, validation of the sources. On top of that you have the reporters who jump on stories which seem to confirm their biases and push them.

Like I said, I tend to wait a few days assuming that more facts will come out.


I would a little more information on this incident also. It seems to me that a young lady born and raised in the USA could hardly be mistaken for a non-citizen, regardless of her cultural looks. :ehh:


Are you saying that if you posted a Fox News article on CAF that the readers here would be more accepting of the reported incident?


There has been several time that a waitress or waiter has said instead of a tip there was a note left on the receipt insulting the waiter. Most if not all the times it has been shown to be false, that in fact the waitstaff wrote the note themselves not the customer.

I have no idea if she it telling the truth or not, but I can tell you she sounds very american.


The incident reportedly occurred 9 days ago and some of the news reports are from 2 - 5 days ago. The FOX story was 2 days ago. The Washington Post’s 3 days ago. When I searched it, I saw reports from several other sources as well in 2 - 5 day range. The local ABC news affiliate has offered the couple the opportunity to explain their side of the story but so far they have declined.



The incident happened on August 15, so nine days have gone by. A local news crew has been in repeated contact with the couple, but the couple have refused to be interviewed on camera.


I can’t say I blame the couple for refusing to be interviewed on camera. Even if innocent, they would be opening themselves up to social abuse. However, they have had plenty of time to get their side of the story out to the media, if they are innocent.


There have been several such cases of faked insults. However, the national attention, which at first helps the fraudster, is also their undoing. The accused have an interest in making their innocence known.


I didn’t see this before I posted the same. Looks like we both did so at the same time.


It also causes doubt to creep into people’s minds about incidences of this type. Cry wolf enough times and people will be far less likely to take legitimate complaints seriously. The fakers do harm to people who have been legitimately targeted with these kinds of messages.


In comparison to what other sources? I’ve seen many news sources not accepted here by readers. That’s why I didn’t site CNN or Snopes or others and I knew the Washington Post wouldn’t cut the mustard. So I saw FOX. I have no idea what the readers here are accepting of.


Yes, without a doubt. Sadly, criminals often have little regard for the damage they do.

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