Outrage in Poland as judge tells pro-life activists they can’t call abortion ‘killing’


*An October 16 ruling against two pro-life activists in Poland has sent shockwaves through the nation. Judge Magdalena Kocój ordered the activists to apologize for their demonstrations outside a hospital that performs abortions and said they could no longer say the hospital is “killing” babies. …

The cases are based on the allegations that the activists were disseminating false information when they equated abortion with killing. According to the plaintiff, “pregnancy terminations” cannot be called killing unborn children. The hospital claims that by doing so, the defendants generated negative publicity in the media and harmed the hospital’s business.*Life Site


In other news calling a spade a spade in a traditionally Catholic country has been outlawed.

Pray for Polska


I wonder if Polish Mafia lawyers could try this defense?

“Yea, Big Tony didn’t ‘kill’ anyone, he ‘terminated’ him. We object, Your Honor, Judge Kocój, to what he did being called ‘killing’ because by doing so the police are generating negative publicity for our ‘operations’ in the media and that is harming our business.”


Coming to a country near you soon…


Thou Shalt Not Kill…

…what I mean is, thou shalt not discontinue the otherwise viable, biological process wherein human tissue, albeit not having the status of personhood, which may or may not constitute a living fetus, develops over nine months and is commonly referred to as a pregnancy.


So, did this hospital manage to terminate pregnancies without killing any of the unborn children?


Good law deals with facts and not euphemisms.


Great point.:thumbsup:


I doubt semantics will prevail once our short time on this earth is over.


So the Wackadoodle Judge Cult has slipped into Poland too?

I guess they are really getting into this Western thingy.


The highest rates of abortion in the world have been in Eastern Europe and Russia. The West has nothing to teach them when it comes to that.


I was more referring to the activist judge willing to make legislation from the bench.

But as to abortion rates, Poland is among the lowest in the world.


Good point although scientists tell them they are not babies yet so they cannot be killed.


Depends on the scientist. There are scientists that attest to the fact that humanity is inscribed into a person at conception.

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