Outrage of the Day indeed!!


:nope: I’m sorry, I know he’s a funny guy, but Robin Williams is now officially on my **** list. :mad: I saw him on Leno when he took a shot at Catholic priests and was hurt and offended. It’s been bugging me ever since. Has the Catholic League addressed this?

He made fun of Catholic priests and confession on the tonight show. I couldn’t find the actual clip on youtube but I found a radio show that talks about it as the Outrate of the Day!!



That’s terrible that he would say those things, but I guess I should not be surprised. :shrug:

I used to always find him entertaining, I was thinking of seeing his new film, (where I thought he played a priest but I understand now he’s a minister), but not now, after this. I’ll pray for him though.

I think it was said in the clip that Bill Donohue of the Catholic League did address the comments.


Yes he specifically said in the clip that he specifically did not want to play a Catholic priest - and then immediately launched into that shell game joke.




No need to bump this thread.
Have you heard the phrase: If you don’t have anything nice to say it’s better not to say anything at all?

Being as this is a Catholic board and forum rules call for charity in all things, I think perhaps people are not commenting on Robin Williams’ appearance because there’s really nothing nice to be said about it.

Being as Robin Williams is not Catholic and has always pretty much slammed the faith, this is not news. Neither is it news or worth commenting much when Bill Maher goes on his rants (talk about some doozies!).

Perhaps if Katie Holmes were to be quoted as disparaging and insulting the Catholic faith in which she was raised and by which her family still adheres, then you’d get a lot of discussion out of that. It would not only be news but very sad news, indeed.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on the matter.

Part of me would like to see more Catholics express their outrage at appearances such as Williams’ and Mahers’, but it seems we do our expressing with the kneelers at church praying for these lost people that they may experience a conversion in their hearts. I suppose if we did it in any other fashion we’d give Catholics a bad reputation and feed into the already false impression non-Catholics have of us. I don’t know.


will he be on gain? because I’d like to see it.



Oh. Sorry. I’ll just go back in my cage now.


I doubt they re-run Leno shows but I don’t know. That’s why I looked on You Tube.


Actually, there is already an extremely long thread about this in the Catholic News section: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=162860


Since the ongoing, lengthier discussion has been pointed out (thanks, Bruno_esqueXXII) this one is now closed.

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