Outraged by a site I used to love

I was raised a Catholic and recently came back to the church after leaving at 15. When I turned 19 I became a member of the Assembly of God church. I returned to the Catholic church because even though I love the Christian church there was just something I was missing.

Anyway there is a website called C28. I used to order all of my christian things from there because I loved the site and it donates a part of your purchase to charity. Well today I went to the site to try and find a nice Catholic bible. (I know I could have ordered it from Amazon for cheaper but as I said before I really enjoyed this site and wanted to support them) So I typed in “Catholic” into the search bar and boy I wish I hadn’t.

The first couple of results were really nice Catholic bibles but a little too expensive for what I was looking for so I continued on. There was a book about Catholics coming home and a book about helping teens understand the Catholic church, the from there it went down hill.

The next thing was a bible “tact” that explains why Catholics are not Christians and how we are not going to be saved. Then there was a book about the “errors” in the Catholic bible. A few more Pro-Catholic books and then more books bashing on the church.

I am outraged by there hot and cold attitude. They should either be for us or against us not trying to please everyone.

Sorry it was more then a rant then anything. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I think it’s kind of like the Christian Book Store in town here…it has a Catholic section, but also has books on apologetics against Catholic Christianity and the like. I would say that it is because Protestant Christianity is greatly varied in its attitude towards Catholics - some are very ecumenical about it and open-minded, while some view it as anything but Christianity. I would just chalk it up to the fact that it’s just selling a wide-variety of books for all kinds of Christians, and it’s not necessarily done to attack Catholics. Try emailing them and asking why they sell those anti-Catholic books - if you get a response, I’d love to see it.
I have also emailed a very good friend of mine who loves that site…he is Protestant and very open-minded, and we learn from our differences as brothers in Christ. Hopefully he posts some thoughts on here.

I guess whats most upsetting is the fact that in one product they call the Catholic bible “a beautiful masterpiece” and the next product talks about how Catholics need to be converted because otherwise they have damnation to look forward to. Its just so hot and cold and its strange.

I did send them an email.

Let me know what kind of a reply you get - I’ll keep a watch on this thread. :slight_smile:

They are in business to make money, so they sell every side of the story to make as much as possible.

C-28 is obviously not a Catholic website. It’s founder is Aurelio F. Barretto III. Like any other non-denominational retail store, one should not be surprised to find anti-Catholic material available from it.

I wasn’t surprised to find Anti-Catholic material. What I was surprised to find was both pro AND Anti Catholic items.

Customers from both sides!

I understand your irritation, but I guess it shows the shop is being impartial or not taking any specific side.

I felt the same when I learned the Free Presbyterian Book shop (“Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland”), near my home, sells a variety of anti-Catholic books :mad:

At the end of the day, I took comfort from considering what such books suggest about the quality of the Free Presbyterian faith. I mean, have they nothing kind or interesting to print about themselves, let along books doing others down?

I do not object to books which disagree with, or criticise Catholicism, (it is obviously unreasonable to object to different opinions), but I do resent the kind of cheap muck the FP’s sell - sensationalist exposes from ex priests, vicious attacks on the Papacy - straight out of the 16th century, etc. Real “Jerry Springer” / “Ian Paisley” material.

The reason some denominations have these books is that they (their leaders) realise their own survival depends on maliciously portraying Catholicism as somehow “wrong”. After all, if there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us, what’s the point of them? It is a tragic, negative, inward looking version of faith.

Anyway, don’t let it bother you. Haters gon’ hate. Take your custom elsewhere and encourage others to do the same.


I guess the question is, do they also sell works by Catholic apologists that are critical of Protestant fundamentalism? Fair is fair.

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