Outrageous assault on the Knights of Columbus

It’s pointless to speculate on what kind of a President she will be when she has about as much chance of being elected as my cats.


That’s what many of my friends in NYC said about Alexandria Ocasio y Cortez. :unamused:
Voter apathy turns into low voter turn-out, which is how these extremists get elected.

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I vote every election. What other people do is up to them. I can’t say as I lay awake nights being concerned about it. I also don’t know a single person in NYC or anywhere else who wasn’t beating down the doors of the polling place in the recent election.

I don’t think Kamala will lose because of apathy. Rather, I think she is likely to create a huge amount of animus in any national election, though she may be popular in her own area. She talks a lot and says very polarizing things.

Although every time someone mentions voter apathy, I’m fondly reminded of this very old Nixon-era Art Buchwald column that I read in his book, “I Never Danced at the White House”, when I was about 12 and always liked.

Only one of your cats could be elected President-cat and maybe a second as Vice-President-cat.

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I saw this yesterday and read her comments. She is rabidly pro-abortion and as intolerant of others with different positions as anyone, even extremists, in America today. She is my first, now way in H - E - double hockey sticks will I vote for in 2020.

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