Outside of Mass: can a priest wear pin or jewelry?

I was thinking if a priest had pierced ears, a family heirloom ring, or maybe even one of those pink ribbon pins for breast cancer awareness, would he be allowed to wear any of that stuff outside of Mass with his cassock or collared shirt?

Obviously during the Mass, the vestments should be the only thing the priest wears since it’s his “work clothes”, but outside of that context, could he “loosen up”, so to speak?

My coworker had to remove his earrings during the workday…and I was wondering if something like that applied to the clergy since it’s their vocation as opposed to a job.

It’s probably up to what their order or bishop (in the case of diocesan priests) set as the standard. Most religious orders involve a vow of poverty that would preclude the wearing of jewelry (other than a watch). I have seen diocesan priest with what look like college rings, but I don’t recall any priest wearing any kind of awareness pins.

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My bishop typically wears shirts with French cuffs and cufflinks – Does that count?


I would think, for example, if a priest had some jewellery that was a treasured gift from a family member, there would.be no problem.

If.they were spending a lot of their own money on flashy bling, not so good.

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Those don’t really count as jewellery as such and I’ve seen clergy and religious sisters wear pins for causes like that.

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I think it might just depend on his fashion taste. I knew a priest in the 90’s who had a Mickey Mouse watch that I thought was so cool.

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Sure, but you may think differently if it were a $10,000 diamond encrusted gold Rolex for example.

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You mean a family heirloom ring like the one on my finger as I type this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing prevents a priest from wearing (simple) jewelry or (appropriate) awareness ribbons. Members of religious orders can certainly wear the latter (their personal allowance isn’t so stingy as to preclude small donations) and even jewelry (within reason) - the vow of poverty is more about common ownership rather than total exclusion of all personal possessions.


Oh, that can be solved:

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Father, could you envision an ordinary or major superior who may prohibit that sort of thing, though? Would that be unreasonable?

My pastor wears a “wedding band” according to his celibate state, and a single pin on his clerical shirt which identifies him as a lifetime member of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. I am pleased to also claim lifetime Pioneer membership.


Remember the film Doubt starring Merryl Streep? The priest with the trendy fingernails?

I could with an order - some of them tend to be stricter when it comes to dress codes and standardisation (diocesan priesthood tends to accommodate all sort of rif raff :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it’d be more of an order wide thing rather than something determined by a particular provincial.

I know! I was bemused when my territorial pastor sprouted a ponytail.

One of my parish priests wore a silver ring. He made it. Making jewelry was one of his hobbies and he made rings mostly. He said it was in memory of his parents.

I must say I’ve never encountered a priest with earring(s) but I’m not yet 80.

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Aye carumba! What genius decided to doctor the photo? Made the whole.thing much worse.

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Went through two whole bowls of popcorn while read all 88 posts on a 12 year old thread. Guess that kind of makes me a proverbial glutton (not for popcorn, it was the lite variety) for punishment. :laughing:


I presume it was a Soviet hangover. They did that so often that it was barely newsworthy. (now, including a now disgraced person that was there, as opposed memory-holing him from the photograph, would have been newsworthy).

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Maybe. I’d just chalk it up to his personal style. He might just like watches-and since he doesn’t have a family to support, he might be able to afford one!

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