Outside of Mass who reads or hears Sacred Scripture


I’m just curious, besides hearing Sacred Scripture read at Mass who here reads or hears Sacred Scripture at other times.

We have a weekly Bible Study and I also read the Liturgy of the Hours some days. I may also hear or read it online while researching.

Was just curious.



I attend a bi-weekly Bible study
I occasionally pray some of the Liturgy of the Hours
I try to read the Bible often, though I need to get back into the habit again.


I’ve been reading a lot lately, and am making it a regular thing. I find that it’s not only a better way of keeping myself occupied than most of my former pastimes, but I’m enjoying it a lot too.

I’m interested in joining a Bible study group or something similar, so I shall look into that in the future.


I try to read the Sunday Mass readings the night before, at least the morning of. I pray with Scripture daily, but that’s usually a paracopy or just a verse or two. I would love to study Scripture more but it’s difficult. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire in the studying department.


Make sure it is a GOOD TRUE Catholic group


Part of my time at Adoration is reading scripture. I have found, after doing this for years, that something will cause me to randomly open the bible, and find to my utter amazement that the particular text I opened to is somehow exactly tailored to a particular problem I am currently addressing.

The Spirit works in some really interesting wsys.

I also hold periodic “Bible Studies” with the Catholics and certain other Christians at work. I generally find something appropriate (Little Rock etc) and add relevant sections from CCC and Bible Study notes and send out a weekly packet.



I read the Mass readings for each day and then read a brief commentary on them. I also read the Bible as part of my daily Office.

There are lots of good books to assist with lectio divina. I particularly like the ones which offer historical context, explanations, and texts from the saints and the CCC.

And sometimes, I read the Bible simply because I love the stories. The story of Jonah sulking still makes me laugh and Tobit is like reading a short comic opera.


I read my Magnificat every night before I go to sleep. When I was in RCIA, my MIL set up a gift subscription for me, and it’s been so worthwhile.


Reading scripture IS my daily devotion…usually start with daily Mass readings, then just work my way through the Gospel…occasionally like to just open the book, point to a passage, and take it from there!


I read Scripture every day on my own. I’m working my way through the narrative books of the Bible (currently on Genesis 22). I’m also part of a Bible study, and we are working our way through Luke. My wife and I pray the Compline office of the Liturgy of the Hours, so we also read the Psalms every day, as well as a brief reading, typically from the epistles.


I read the readings before daily Latin Mass and then whatever bible study I am doing which currently is Saved by Fr. Mitch Pacwa. I also do a weekly study of the OF Sunday Mass readings provided by Dr. Brant Pitre and finally a Scriptual Rosasry each day.


Due to a serious character flaw, I have collected/accumulated about various 40 bibles. Some are for reference (typically the 66 book non-Catholic bibles), but others are essentially daily readers. I also receive the daily readings email from the USCCB, and will either read the readings in my own bible, or listen to the audio file of the readings. Often, I read the Gospel passages that accompany the mysteries of the Rosary.

I am guessing that not many know this, but a plenary indulgence is granted monthly for daily scripture reading, under the normal conditions (Confession and Eucharist).


40 bibles!
That is interesting…all in one language,Po18guy?
Do you choose them by any special criteria ?
Or it just happened and you love them?


I’m a sucker for a good deal. I have two in Spanish, one of them being a mid-60s Papal Edition. The rest are all in English, ranging from an 1845 KJV that was given to me, a late 1800s KJV with family history, to the Catholic Edition of the New Living Translation, printed last month. I just love the scriptures and to see a nice used bible languishing on a bookshelf doesn’t sit well with me. Some I have bought for the purpose of giving them away.

I have numerous translations, as I believe that each comes close to the bulls eye. By reading several translations, I can ‘bracket’ the bulls eye and perhaps get a better feeling for a particular book, letter or passage. Even DW agrees that there are far worse hobbies to have.

Tuesday at a local Goodwill store, I found a leather-bound 1914 Douay-Rheims in unbelievably well preserved condition. Gold embossed cover with a painting of our Lord, and gilt-edged pages. i was prepared to pay as much as the usual $2 :wink: but the cashier said “99 cents” AYKM?

Yeah, I’m hooked.


Yes! The Bible has trapped you!
I also like to read from different ones for Bible study,.I get what you mean by bracket the bull’s eyes
Do you find significant difference in such a variety ?
Is there one you prefer over the other ones to study from?
Maybe I ll just read your new thread on Bibles…
Thank you!


I do a weekly hour-long Bible discussion via Skype with a friend I’ve known for 20 plus years. And another friend of mine discuss the Scriptures on a daily basis.


Yes, I read 1 Peter yesterday but sometimes find myself going a week or two without reading any.

I’ve never been to a Bible study before.


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