Outspoken nun continues to discuss Vatican policies

Outspoken nun continues to discuss Vatican policies

Sister Theresa Kane has taken strong stances before on the Catholic Church’s treatment of women.
She’s still remembered by some generations of Catholics for making international news in 1979, when, during Pope John Paul II’s first visit to the United States as pontiff, she boldly suggested that women be considered for priestly ordination.
More than three decades later, Kane showed up in Snyder Saturday to continue that discussion and start a few others.
Now an associate professor of history at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, Kane said she still frequently gets asked whether she sees the Vatican someday opening up the priesthood to women.
“It’s a quest. It’s not whether I see it. I know it’s there,” said Kane, who was president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious when she made her controversial remarks to the pope. “We may see excommunications and other things a few years before we have women ordained. It’s already happening.”


Another pride filled nun who should be seeking another line of work.Thank God the Vatican is investigating American nuns for Orthodoxy.

Not pride I’d say, but an inability to see the difference between political idiology and true faith.

Why is it these outspoken nuns / sisters dress like boys? Even Haircuts with sideburns …:frowning:

Good on the good sister. We’ve seen the results when we all sit back and pretend that Father knows best. Time we had an honest open debate about this issue.

So, if Father said that 1+1=2 or that gravity exists, you’d debate that?

In any case, the Church has spoken: women cannot be ordained.

There is NO debate to be had on the issue, there are precious few subjects that can be said of actually from a Catholic standpoint. In fact I’ll even go so far as to say the issue can be debated so people can understand the reasoning beyond the matter is not hatred of women or problem with women in positions of authority or any such shallow reason. I shall state quite plainly that female ordination would be among the few things that could convince me to leave the Church. Were it to be allowed I would join my wife in the Orthodox Church. However it shall not happen so that is only a hypothetical possibility.

The debate has been going on endlessly, ad nauseum since I was a kid. It’s been settled…time for her to let it go.


One guess.Think about it.

Women her age commonly have short haircuts and dress like she does. Besides, if your best response is to criticize her hair and clothing, you must have very, very little to say on the subject of woman’s ordination.

Oh Puh-leese.That’s the best you’ve got?.What a segue:rolleyes:

I’m sure you’re all familiar with this:


Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church’s divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren (cf. Lk 22:32) I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.

If that’s not ex cathedra, then I dunno what is.

No, it most certainly is not. The Church has spoken, formally and authoritatively, saying that women cannot receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Suggesting it is open for debate, or defying this clear and authoritative teaching, is separating one’s self from full communion with the Church, full stop. Promulgating the notion that it can be debated is helping a cancer to spread.



Where have you been for the past twenty years.There is no debate in the Catholic Church,we are not a Democracy.Rome has spoken.END OF DEBATE.

Had to laugh.

More seriously, though, these nuns (who have pretty well destroyed their orders) are all getting pretty long in the tooth. Another 20 years, and they’ll just be a footnote in some addendum to some rarely-read scholarly book on Church history, if that.

I don’t think you’re really Catholic. You’re actually Protestant. You should look into that and do something about it. :cool:

.He/she is either completely non-catechesised or a Protestant in Catholic,mufti,in either case,patheticNo devout,knowledgeable and obedient Catholic would ever say something so…well…silly.

Actually, you are right…I have little to say about women’s ordination… they should change religions if they seek it.:slight_smile:

Precisely! I wish these renegade nuns–using Helen Thomas speak–“would get the H*ll out.” They, and liberal Catholics in general, actually believe the Church will eventually come around to their point of view on WO. They either are unbelievably arrogant or hopelessly naive. Maybe both.

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