Outspoken opponent of the gay agenda wins presidential election in Poland

Mr. Duda won the election Sunday, July 12.

As the election campaign came near its end, Duda spoke more forcefully than before against gay efforts to change society.

"He has vowed to protect Polish families from what [he calls an imported ‘LGBT ideology’ that he says is aggressively trying to sexualise Polish children.

He came under fire during the election, including for a speech in which he said LGBT rights were an ‘ideology’ more destructive than communism."

“Mr Duda favors making Poland’s anti-abortion law even tougher. It is already among the most restrictive in Europe.”


May God lead him to guide his nation in wisdom. Our Lady Queen of Poland, give Grace to him.


Could somebody please define “the gay agenda” for me? Do LGBTQ people have a bullet-point mission statement somewhere?


I think it’s good but I have been hearing of some excess which isn’t compatible with Church teaching.

To be tolerated and not treated with evil. That is the gay agenda as far as I can see. Some people have a problem with it though.


Duda for one.


Good for him. Hopefully a true Christian and not just a right-wing populist (and I usually don’t use that overused word lol) though.


“Agenda” means plan.
Every group has a plan, or else it doesn’t exist.
Presumably for Poland, the LGBT agenda is same sex marriage.
Then they’ll move on from there.

But I think you already know that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t know if there is an overall definition but reading the link in the article, Duda’s focus seems to be about protecting children from being taught about LGBTQ sexuality in school. It’s about preserving the natural family as father, mother, and child, it seems to me.

" Mr Duda said “parents are responsible for the sexual education of their children,” and “it is not possible for any institutions to interfere in the way parents raise their children”.

On 10 June he signed a “Family Charter” of election proposals, including pledges to prevent gay couples from marrying or adopting children and to ban teaching about LGBT issues in schools. "


Can confirm. That’s it. We just want to live our lives in peace.

If there’s anything else, I haven’t gotten the memo.


That’s the part that’s in line with Catholic teaching and then there is the other part that isn’t


There is a difference between “gays in general” and “gays with a particular agenda”, I think. There may be gays asking to be treated with the same dignity as any human. But then there are gays who take that agenda further by clamoring for things on the basis of a more elaborated ideology.

Just like with “black lives matter” - the phrase can be taken generally to mean, black lives have the same dignity and worth as any other human, or it can be taken to mean a certain ideology that runs deeper and has a particular slant…


You don’t think there is / has been one?


I love telling the following story because Everytime someone hears it there’s at lest one person who walks away lost in thought.

Take Joe, he’s a simple man with simple needs. He goes to work, has a small family and makes living in some comfort.

Now his boss (job doesn’t matter, insert what you like) puts more and more pressure to do things a particular way. Nothing wrong in itself but in order to meet the requirements definitely have to bend if not break some moral considerations. Grant you by doing so if his boss ever found out he would be fired. But it is one of those situations where don’t ask don’t tell the boss just wants results.

So poor Joe is giving a choice, he can either burn himself out putting the penalty on himself and his family to make these numbers or make someone else pay the price. ultimately he has to take care of himself in his mind so he goes ahead and start bending rules.

And tell this story because it illustrates the no one wakes up in the morning wanting to be evil. No one wants to be the bad guy what cause harm. But what they do is put themselves over the needs of people around them in order to survive.

Now take that line of thought and apply it to our world. How many times do you think over the various wrongs that end up happening people just bend a rule and something goes horribly wrong?

I get very frustrated when people sit there and say quote “gay agenda” or any agenda really.

Are there any people who want to take over the world and don’t have any moral qualms about putting their boots on people’s throats? Course, but it took many days of bending rules before they reached that point. More importantly most people never do.

There is no gay agenda, there are gay people who see judo Christian values as a punishment for being born the way they are. They see people holding Bibles as threat because people holding Bibles have historically beating them to death. So while they may put themselves opposite the table of your average Christian
they do what they do to protect themselves and their own.

If you don’t want to morally see homosexuality as acceptable that’s fine, you do you. However understand that nobody wakes up, cackles maniacally while plotting an agenda.

Are there forces opposite of you on the political spectrum who are organized to undermine your way of thinking? Yes however, they are not trying to destroy you as much as prevent you from destroying them and the opposite is also true. Thankfully most LGBT people don’t see right-wing Christians as an agenda as much as people who are trying to impose their world ideas being good or bad on others.

When you use terms like agenda your dehumanizing the concept that you’re dealing with just regular people. People who want acceptance and love just as much as you do. When you use terms like that you rob the other side of any kind of altruism even if it’s misguided and therefore conversation and debate and more importantly understanding can never happen.

Stop condensing everything political you don’t like into an agenda. It is a buzzword that will stall your every attempt to be charitable which is the one thing every Christian should do period full stop


I think it is important here to separate the agendas from the gays. Not all homosexuals have this hatred of Christianity and Christians, or a drive to legitimize unnatural unions, or want to be a loud and proud drag queen on the stage, etc.

The gay agendas are mostly advanced by “allies”, those who have interposed themselves in the movement and purport to speak for what they all want. Long have the “gender studies” graduates and Marxists looked for an opening to damage the Church, the family, and other Western institutions. For them, homosexual people are a means to an end, they are “useful idiots”, and they are achieving great results in the “culture wars” because of sympathy and ignorance.


Ave Maria!


It would be great if this were reality, eh? If “autonomy” and “contracts” and “tolerance” were actually what worked… but we see that it is not working. Because there are cacklers indeed.


It has to do with ending the societal preference for reproductive sex.

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This is what they said in like 1994. Now, it’s to be taught in schools and promoted throughout the culture. Dissenters are punished.


This is litterly the first I heard about it. I have a transgender nephew, so his friends are your stereotypical LGBT as it gets.
Not once has their desire been to tell others how to have sex or who to love.

It’s to have no one tell anyone about themselves.

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