Outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill

Anyone read or know about this book? I got the audio book, and started to listen to it, then stopped.

I am not sure if it’s OK to listen to or not?

Any insight appreciated.



I don’t know as I have not read it. I have read his Think and Grow Rich. Much of it was positive attitude stuff like in so many self help motivational books, and there seemed to be a bit of focus on programming one’s subconscious for success by repeating self affirmations. He did interview some very successful men in order to write the book, among them Andrew Carnegie.

It has an attractive back cover write up, but as listening to it a few flags went up, and I pulled the plug on it.

Would be great to hear from anyone that has read it if you would consider it OK, or a stay away from work.

I see no one else replied yet and though I can’t be much help, I looked for this book on Amazon and read some reviews , and there are Christian people who reviewed the book.

What made you stop?

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He said he was not sure if his conversation with the devil was real or not - that made me pause. Then the devil asks to be called “your majesty”, and the author complies - that’s where I wanted to really drop it.

My mom who read the whole book said that the author did not like doing so, but did it to be able to get the information he needed to ultimately help other people.

What I read on the back cover sounds helpful - but I am just not sure, as I am a fledgling about to be confirmed this Easter (at age 40!). If I don’t hear from someone more mature in the faith confirming it’s OK, I probably won’t listen to this audio book.

I think you are very correct in being scepticle about this book. To begin with, Satan is a liar, it’s his very nature. He is the “father of lies”.
John 8:44 … He (devil) was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. I can’t imagine what would make anyone think they would receive from Satan any sort of reliable information that could serve to help others. And I absolutely cannot understand any reason whatsoever that could justify calling/addressing Satan as “your majesty”.

(I’m assuming this book is non-fiction - that the author is writing about conversations with the devil that he claims really happened.)

Thanks Nita! The fact that Satan is a liar renders this whole thing trash, and that’s where it will go.

Thank you!

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