Ova Cue (or other fertility monitors) to aid NFP?


Hi guys-

My wife and I are avid NFP uses, and had our first child 8 months ago. The wife is breastfeeding, and that has her charting and symptoms going crazy (and terribly difficult to track).

I was wondering if anyone had ever used an Ova Cue or heard anything about them (or other ovulation monitoring kits) and how effective they are.

Thanks for the help!


I know this isn't QUITE what you're looking for, but my husband and I use fertilityfriend.com to chart. It's still technically just "charting" (no fancy devices) but it's way easier to track.


First of all congrats on the new addition. My wife and I are in a similar situation. Obviously google is your friend here, but what I can tell you is that various fertility monitors are better at achieving versus postponing pregnancy. Good luck,


Also, from the Ova Cue website

Does the OvaCue work for women who are breast-feeding?
Only if your menstrual cycle has returned. If your cycle has not returned, the OvaCue will not identify your fertile cycle.


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