Over 5 days - 3 1/2 year old son with stomach flu


I know this should last for, at the most, 2 days. I have heard that it can go as long as 10 days. Today he will pay a visit to the doctor for the second time in 4 days. It seems mild, however, it still worries us.

Have any of you experienced this with any of your children? :frowning:


any other weird symptoms?


No. He started Thursday morning. He did not want to eat and when he ate a bit, he threw up. Then that evening he had a fever of about 102.4, but that was it. That day was the day we took him to the doctor. He has had either fever for a short time then he will vomit then it seems he is getting better because his appetite comes back to normal, but after he eats he falls asleep to wake up a couple of hours later and vomit. He has vomitten an average of 1 per day since Thursday. He has not had a fever since Friday. But he seems lethargic. He has no energy.

But since it has been 5 days already, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this sickness with their children for this length of time.


Yes, we’ve had a stomach flu that lasted nearly two weeks :eek: It could also be that the kids’ immunity to a different strain was reduced, and they caught another one, but in any case, we had puking in the house for at least two weeks.


We’ve had something like this in daycare. If it isn’t the roto virus, then I have found that giving just gingerale and maybe saltines works. Also, the BRATs (bananas, rice, applesauce - not apple juice, and toast) diet is how you should start once he seems okay, don’t go full force normal food. we had a stomach flu going around this past summer and even though my dd was hungry, I didn’t allow her to eat anything beyond saltines and gingerale for about a day and a half. My nephew, on the other hand, was given food the whole time and he was sick a lot longer than my dd. They’re about 8 months apart in age. However, the doctor will be able to help you a lot more. As a side effect, my dd now pretends to have stomach flu (“tummy bug” as we call it with her) so that she can get “ginger pop” since she’s not allowed to drink any other kind of pop ever.


Poor guy…
We’ve never had a stomach bug last that long…

One thing that you may want to consider… is introducing some probiotics into his diet… the GOOD bacteria that helps fight off the digestive infections…
Consider things like DanActive and Kefir

Good luck!!!


I second this. The sooner they start eating “regular” food, the more likely they’ll relapse because their tummy is still sensitive and touchy. We keep the kids to crackers and unbuttered toast (if they even feel like eating at all) for a good while, then upgrade them to pasta and buttered toast. When they’re really climbing the walls for food, we let them have bananas. Fruit will make them get sick right away again, we’ve found. :shrug:


Thank you for all your responses! God Bless you!

He just got back from the doctor, my DH took him, and the doc said that he is not dehydrated and that we should continue with the BRAT diet for now. He should be getting better by tomorrow. He did prescribe some anti acid chewing tablets and to keep him away from sugary food/drinks to reduce the amount of colic that he has been getting.

Thanks again! Finally, my little guy will take a break from all this sickness :stuck_out_tongue:


is he drinking a lot and going to the bathroom? Is he wetting the bed at night at all??


Well, he is drinking some fluids and he is going atleast every 6 hours to urinate just like doc said he should.

He just got home and threw up again. He began to cough and seems that it made him gag and made him throw up.

This is the second time today that he throws up. He is playing with his brother right now. I will just pray for him to get better.


Ask the doctor to test his glucose levels. My sister’s 18 month old was sick for days with vomitting and was very lethargic. They took him to a doctor who said he had a virus and sent them home. Then the next day the baby would respond to them. He was in diabetic shock and had to be rushed to the ICU. Thankfully he is okay now, though he will have to take insulin for life.

Symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, nausea, vomitting, and lethargy.

Have him tested just to be safe!
I’ll pray for his speedy recovery!


Also, excessive urination and excessive hunger…if it’s to the point they are nauseated, vomiting and lethargic, they have progressed quite a bit into the diabetes :eek:

Can’t hurt to have him be checked, but I’m guessing if the doctor drew blood and could tell he’s not dehydrated, he probably had his sugar level checked as well with that…you can call the doctor to make sure :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear about your sister’s baby, truly blessed…unfortunately, that’s how a lot of diabetics find out they have the disease…they get very critically ill b/c the early symptoms are so vague :frowning: and it isn’t caught until it has progressed quite a bit.


Well I’m glad you guys said it because that’s what I was hinting at - my son has type 1 and those were his symptoms - mild vomiting and drinking and peeing so I thought Oh he can’t be dehydrated. He went from pretty fine just a little sick on a saturday to in the picu on a sunday.


Bless your heart!

It never crossed my mind that it could be that. He is doing well now. He has had 3 meals in a row without vomitting. He ate for breakfast an entire toast, a scrambled egg, and almost half of a banana with some diluted gatorade. He is doing well. Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:


I’m so glad he’s donig better!! It just breaks my heart to see (hear of) children who are sick :frowning:


AWESOME! :extrahappy: Glad to hear the LO is doing better!


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