Over 900 massacred in Congo since Christmas (CNA)

Rome, Italy, Feb 13, 2009 / 01:53 am (CNA).- Troops of the guerilla Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have massacred over 900 people since Christmas in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo. The news reports from missionary media sources, which are not attracting attention in Europe and America, lament the inaction and “impotence” of the United Nations forces in the area.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/catholicnewsagency/dailynews/~4/538685632

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The LRA is a parent’s worst nightmare. They kidnap children, force them to kill their own family members, and then brainwash them into becoming child soldiers (or sex slaves). The LRA commits terrible atrocities on villagers, leading to flight to the cities and leaving no one to care for crops or animals.

What the CNA article didn’t mention is that the joint attack on the LRA was botched.

This time, due to a combination of ill-planning and poor coordination between the various forces involved, the operation got off to wobbly start.

First, bad weather prevented the Ugandans from sending in their aging MIG-21 fighter jets to attack the LRA camps.

Instead, after a delay of four hours, cumbersome attack helicopters were dispatched, the noise of their engines giving the LRA vital time to flee.

It then took another two days for the first ground troops to arrive.

Given the LRA’s track record of violent retribution against innocent civilians, the bloody and coordinated attacks that followed were devastatingly predictable.


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