Over-sexed young women have second thoughts

Young people are re-discovering a dangerous old idea called “abstinence”. It least that’s how the article makes it sound:


The article was not about abstinence nor did it imply that it was a “dangerous” idea.

To the contrary, the article was saying that the author and many of her ilk overexposed themselves (literally and figuratively), sharing their sex lives on-line and in print with no boundaries, and only now – after discovering the repercussions of that – are they being more disceet in their writings.

Here is an excerpt from the article that captures the essence of the article:

“Chen is part of a handful of women bloggers who are sobering up quickly after their youthful indiscretions…People just a micro-generation younger than Chen are wise to the downside of overexposure and already seem less inclined to reveal themselves…This new circumspection—on the part of both chastened twentysomethings and some forward-looking teens—may in part be a bow to their professional futures. But young people are also spooked by the public shaming that the oversharers have encountered, and they don’t want to go down that road.”

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