Over the past decade, has your parish become more conservative/traditional, or more liberal/progressive, or remained about the same? What about your diocese?

Over the past decade, has your parish become more conservative/traditional, or more liberal/progressive, or remained about the same? What about your diocese?

(I know that some will quibble about the adjectives “conservative/ traditional” and “liberal/progressive,” but I think you know what I mean. If you know of any better adjectives, please mention them.) :slight_smile:

If your parish and/or diocese have changed in either direction, what specifically were some of the changes, and what made the changes happen?

pretty much stayed the same, but i wish they would deal with more *liberal *issues.

Well we got a new priest a couple years ago. The dancing girls with rainbow streamers left, the drum set was put away in storage, and the altar rails were taken out of storage :eek: Oh, and the new priest does not wear tie-dye vestments.

More liberal I’m afraid.:frowning: Our new priest did a course on parish ministry before he came here.

The Old Testament reading is generally left out at Sundays Mass. Our homily’s are of the “I’m OK your OK” type. We have at least on one occasion been told to say the Eucharistic Prayer out loud. The confession box is redundant (I’m not interested in your sins"). He rubbished the Moto Propio concerning the Latin Mass. I could go on but…

As with a lot of ‘liberals’, he’s not that tolerant of other viewpoints!!:eek:

At least the sermons by priests are no longer, “I’m a gay, you’re a gay.” However, lay preaching continues, to my dismay. On the other side, the once/week female communion services have disappeared, replaced by Mass on that weekday. No more dancing girls, but the Anointing of the Sick is now abused. Last time there were like 100 people that came up, probably one third of the number of attendees at that Mass (consisting almost entirely of amazingly young, healthy people).

So in our case, old abuses have been replaced by new abuses or the continuation of other abuses.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel as “out-there” as ten years ago, possibly because things are a lot less “in your face.” A more subdued atmosphere prevails. And the point is, we have lots of options. Huge diversity in parish styles in the region, so one is never lacking in alternatives that are more to one’s liking.

I’ve only been in my current diocese for about 5 y, but I would say that the diocese in general has not changed much. I think what I am seeing here is that the diocese would have continued to lurch left, but there is something pulling it back to the middle. Not sure exactly what, nor will I speculate, but I get that sense.

My parish closed in September, merged with another. With the introduction of a new pastor, both churches went from a little left of center to somewhere in the middle of left field. I promptly switched parishes for Sunday mass attendance.



I pray to God that your Bishop finds out about this and puts an end to your pastor’s freestyle form of “parish ministry”.

I’ve seen a number of liberal abuses in my own diocese in the last (Twenty) years.

  1. General Absolution

  2. Standing Up instead of Kneeling at Consecration

  3. Self made Liturgies or Self made added prayers to the Sacramentary

  4. Glass, Pottery, and Bread basket Vessels used instead of Sacred Consecrated Gold or Silver Chalices and Ciborium.

  5. Non- Consumed Excess Consecrated Wine ( The Blood of Christ ) poured down the sewer drain.

  6. Excess Consecrated Host’s buried under the ground on the Church property.

  7. Ecumunical Christian Rock Concert on the Sanctuary while the Blessed Sacrament remained in the Tabernacle.

  8. Liturgical Dancing.

The list goes on.

Now some here might think I 'm embellishing or making this list up. Until a year and a half ago I was the Sacristan in a number of parishes in my diocese. I’ve witnessed all of this happening. My protest were to no avail and eventually got me fired from my position. I have since talked to a number of sacristan in a number of other parishes who have witnessed similar abuses. I know a lot of Catholics would be utterly shocked if they knew half of what goes on behind the scenes in (Some) Catholic Churches.

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