Over the river and thru the woods, to Mary Gail's house we go


:confused:Yet I don't know how or why......:confused:

About a month ago, my sister invited us to thanksgiving. She lives in the next state, so the car ride would be about an hour each way.

I would have liked to go, but last week we had a medical emergency, and i have 2 sick DS's.

She then found that the apartment next to hers is being rennovated, and there is dust everywhere. She didn't think it would be a good idea to bring the kids.

So she offered to bring the food to us. I was very happy and appreciative, after the past week, I have no energy to cook a turkey.

Then Mil and Fil were going to be home alone, so we asked them to come.

Then today, actually about an hour ago, DH announces that we will have an extra four people on top of that.

My house looks like a tornado hit, i don't have any groceries purchased, the turkey my sister is making isn't that large.....so i am going to have a house full of hungry people.

And a cranky tired hostess, and a sick baby who today decided that no nap was necessary. All while repeating ayayayayyyaa ayaaayyayyaa all day long.
And a little boy still weak from hospital stay.

Thanks, all, for letting me vent!


Don't you just love the holidays? ;)


Oh my…don’t they know you have a lot on your plate right now? I mean it’s one thing for just your sis to bring food but it seems like there are a lot of tag along-ers??

Can you go with some stuff from the store like a ham…some frozen pies and bakery rolls? not like getting all that is easy either…

I hope it works out. I seem to always be the one who can’t say no to doing holidays, so I just end up doing it:shrug: DS had a 105 fever yesterday…should be interesting…


I guess I need to go shopping tomorrow. And clean, and take care of the kids, and since it’s a holiday weekend, DH will probably work until late.

I know it isn’t the worst problem in the world, I just feel soooo overwhelmed.


I second Shanny’s recommendation of frozen pies, rolls, etc.

If you have a place like a Whole Foods grocery you can go get big foil containers of (really yummy in my experience!) pre-made mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc. and it’s not too expensive as long as you stick to the side dishes.

I’m sure it’ll turn out fine! :slight_smile:


OK…feeling much less overwhelmed.

Thank you Shanny for the ham idea.:thumbsup: (hope your DS is better)

House is still messy…I’ll do my best.

Did I mention that DS1 told me yesterday that he needed a costume for today for a thanksgiving pageant at at school today. :hypno:


Glad things are looking up today :slight_smile: Ham is the go to meat that never fails lol:p

DS is a bit better today. Fever is down to manageable range. He’s watching TV and lying on the couch (very unheard of for him to sit still for more than 3 seconds) which is actually nice for me, it makes cooking easier.

How are yours feeling today?

Messy house…you can only do what you can do. I always find I notice messes much more than any guests do. They’re usually oblivious to all the things I think need cleaning.

I hope you have a semi sane Thanksgiving!:slight_smile:


MaryGail...what a whirlwind. Everyone gave you great advice. I agree, frozen is your friend!
When you are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps it might lighten your burden to offer it up to all the people who will be alone this Thanksgiving or who have lost family and would delight in the chance of having a "full house" at Thanksgiving.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving...I know you will pull it all together and everyone will have a memorable holiday!


Open up a can of Spam and stick a feather in it and call it turkey.:thumbsup: And don't forget the "can shaped" cranberry sauce.


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