"Over-the-top" Catholic?

I was thinking about this today:

Is there a such thing as an “over-the-top” Catholic? What would the qualifications for this be?

It seems that my wife and I get labelled this by others in my family due to our following what the Church teaches in relation to openess to life, NFP, homosexuality, child rearing, etc.

It makes me wonder though if you follow what the Church teaches, does that make you go “over-the-top?”

If you do not follow a few of the Church teachings, does that make you “under-the-bottom?” :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I don’t think following the teachings of the church are “over the top” by any means…

But I have seen some Catholics that suggest the importance of “excess” rules that are not explicit in the catechism…
In those cases I may consider an “over the top” description…
But I’m not one to “label” others really…

So to answer your question… I think the “line” is the catechism. Following that is NOT “over the top”… going beyond that may be.

Just my thoughts…

Consider it a compliment! I would…:wink:

:smiley: On the “under the bottom” comment…

My family was once described as “severely” Catholic (in the over-the-top sense, not in the harsh sense) by some houseguests, because there is a crucifix in every room of the house (except the dining room, where there is a Marian icon, and the bathroom (no religious decor)). They meant it good-naturedly and that is the way we considered it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been called a “militant” Catholic before. My cousin in another town had one of those jewelry/tupperware/cosmetics type parties and my neighbor, who I never met, called us (my sisters and I) militant Catholics. Probably because 1. I have 7 kids and my sisters both have 5, and 2. because we spend a lot of time promoting/fundraising/saving the Catholic school our children attend.

Other than my outward appearance of being Catholic, I am not one to wear my religion on my sleeve. I suppose many would actually say I don’t do nearly enough evangelization. So why she felt comfortable calling us names I’ll never know.

I consider that over the top Catholic to be someone who is angry and condeming of people who don’t share their worldview, who is overly scrupulous in an obsessive compulsive manner, who is, in short, more Catholic than the Pope and takes great pride in it.

Is there a such thing as an “over-the-top” Catholic?

Why yes there is!
They are called saints and blesseds when not on earth.
They are called trying their best to be such when living.

It is my expereince that the only people who are bothered by “over-the-top” Catholics are those who show no inclination to be more than nominal catholics, at best, themselves.

IOW, when some Catholic on birth control sees me with my 8 kids at Mass - it’s easier for them to call me an “over-the-top” Catholic than it is to call themselves on their own sin.

**Take it as a compliment and smile sweetly.:thumbsup: **

:stuck_out_tongue: “Under-the-bottom” Catholic! LOL

I somewhat disagree…
Outward appearances are rarely a true reflection of holiness.

I personally can be bothered by Catholics who suggest the importance of “excess” rules that are not explicit in the catechism… and I have every inclination to be more than a “nominal” Catholic… :o

I truly admire adherence to the faith!
But I abhor “fakery”… or a “show of faith” just for the sake of “show”…
(which I am in no way calling anyone here!.. just responding to the question at hand… :))

I’m usually called “Hardcore Catholic”. Especially by my CINO friends. :smiley:

An “Over-the-top” Catholic? I’d have to say that’s someone who was extremely, extremely scrupulous and used things such as the celice and the discipline at least every night, possibly a few times a day, and quite possibly owned several hair shirts. They’d fast every Wednesday and Friday, maybe Thursday for good measure, attend daily Mass twice a day, have 23 children (all in religious life) and be a member of the Secular Franciscans while discerning life in the Dominican Laity. They always leave space in their chairs and on their pillows for their Guardian Angel and can’t even do simple things such as make dinner without having to move three statues of Mary, an icon of St. Martha, and placing the Sacred Heart statue back in the cupboard. In their backyard they have buried the bodies of two mormons, three jehovah witnesses, and one fundamentalist neighbor who kept inviting them to their “Bible Fellowship”.

…Sorry, I got to carried away with that :stuck_out_tongue: but THAT’S an “Over-the-top” Catholic.

And I get called “Hardcore” for not eating meat on Fridays. :rolleyes:

Depends on who says it.

My mom was born and raised Catholic. Goes to Mass most mornings and in recent months, has started going early to say the Rosary before Mass. Some people might call her over the top.

She has a friend who wakes up to attend 6:30am daily Mass (not 9am) and loves to talk about her faith. This woman has no trouble saying, “I love the Lord!” My mom thinks this friend is too religious. “All she wants to talk about is God,” my mom complains, “Can’t she talk about anything else?”

As I see it, my mom is fine w/ her faith as long as it’s kept quiet and private. The minute people get personal or outgoing about it, it ruffles her feathers. To her, that’s over the top. —KCT

You mean everyone doesn’t have a crucifix in the bathroom? :eek: I thought we all did.:blush: :smiley:

There might be unhealthy attitudes, so that would be over the top. Sometimes I have that and then I realise it’s not really Catholic, it’s just my attitude.

So you think that when someone labels you (you in general) as someone that is an over the top Catholic, do you think that this may mean that they have issues within themselves? Maybe they question themselves? Question their faith? Could it then be viewed as a good thing? By that I mean that it makes them stop and think, even reflect.

Mirror Mirror you’re fine…well balanced…don’t sweat it! :slight_smile:

There’s always the danger of going too strict or going too lax; neither is a great road to be on. The moderate road is the best road.

Thanks, honestly, I am not concerned about this, it is not a current issue, I was just thinking about it this morning and 8poof8 out came this question.

I know that my family has a view of me this way, but honestly, it does not bother me, this is just a question that Ithink about when I am talking with people. I know a girl at my work that is younger than me that has been (ahem) “fixed” and it got me to thinking if I did not bite my tongue and told her what I thought (she is Christian, not Catholic) that she may think that way of me.

Again, not that it bothers me at all, I will be that way no matter what. :thumbsup:

This made me laugh. My uncle used to joke his mother would stop going to church is Father stopped having a 6:30 am mass. They’re farmers and it’s the only mass they’ve ever gone to their whole lives.

God help me, I live for 11:D

I guess a practicing Catholic nowadays is called…‘over the top.’

What’s the top? ha!

An over-the-top Catholic is one who finds reasons that no matter what, the pope is unsatisfactory.

It seems that my wife and I get labelled this by others in my family due to our following what the Church teaches in relation to openess to life, NFP, homosexuality, child rearing, etc.

Good for you. My wife and I get ridiculed behind our backs by other Catholic family members.

If you do not follow a few of the Church teachings, does that make you “under-the-bottom?” :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes you a middle-of-the-cafeteria-line-Catholic.

These two fit my definition of “over the top” and like chevalier I have to do that attitude check every so often too:o.

I think though that there are some who label others “over the top” are like what Rob’s Wife said (you all have to go back several posts to see what she said :)).

I do know that my almost 21 yo daughter’s friends called us “religious” but never did they say that in a way that sounded like it was bad or wrong or even unacceptable.

Brenda V.

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