Overcoming Obstacles in Discernment



I am asking because I am curious if any has also had to go through a situation similar to this or knows of any scenario.

I have been discerning a vocation for a long time and know that I want to be a priest, however the discernment is difficult.

How do you properly discern and remain focused on the strength provided by the cross of Christ when you may have internal family conflicts such as alcoholism, drug abuse, troubled family members or other events or situations that may cause pain and stress. is it easy for one to discern in these types of environments or how may one go about properly discerning under these circumstances.


I have both experience in my extended family of all of the above, as well as knowing other seminarians who have had such experience in their immediate families. :coffeeread:

One of the things that you go into the seminary knowing (or finding out very quickly) is that the seminary is not the end, but a beginning of discernment; and not only is it discernment that is done during your 7-9 years at the seminary, but also (if you’re being honest with yourself and your formators) purification and healing. :highprayer:

With all that you have mentioned, I can tell you (1st, 2nd, and 3rd hand) that these points will surface, be dealt with, and resurface (and be re-dealt with). That’s part of formation, and while it formally ends at ordination, it is a life-long process. :o


One thing sticks out for me, though:
What are you discerning if you know that you want to become a priest?
That’s the question to chew on, IMHO. (You’re not wrong, but just simply to be honest with how a vocation works - God does the calling, we answer with a “yes” or “no”. We don’t find the call, the call finds us.) :thumbsup:


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