Overcoming That Ocassional Sexual Temptation

I have battled with the sin of self-abuse for years, but I can honestly say that I have made great strides. What used to be an addiction truly isn’t anymore. Through limiting my access to things like pornography, prayer, and Scripture reading, I have been able to almost** defeat this sin.

Still, every few months or so, I fall back to the same sin. I recently went six months before falling back into sin. I can be doing great for so long, then out of nowhere, I get hit with a seemingly overwhelming temptation.

The most recent problem for me was that I was already planning to go to confession in a few days, so I got hit with the temptation saying why not? You’re going to confession anyway. I hope that maybe that’s just one of the last punches the devil has to throw at me. Looking at the future, it presents a bit of a difficult position. Obviously, I can’t stop going to confession to prevent this from happening. Should I plan to just go to a devotional confession in the spur of the moment when I decide to go? Any other ideas in that area?

Overall, I’m looking for advice on what to do after an addiction is broken, but that sin still lingers in some way. How do I get this sin out of the house and close the door for good?

Okay, listen, I’ll let you in on a little secret…
It’s not the “Devil’s work” it’s human nature. Not everything in life is quite so Black and White as people seem to think it is. Day to day we make choices, not all of them are a simple as a good or bad choice or decision, some of them are clear-cut bad, and some of them are clear-cut good, others are just plain old decisions that have no title or label.
Once you get over the mental “Cannot’s” and look at your decisions as a whole instead of “what I’ve done wrong” and “what I’ve done right” you’ll find you’re a lot happier with yourself and the world around you. Stop dwelling on and labeling your past decisions, they are what they are we all make mistakes, and we all have daily struggles we have to get through. As for your confessions sessions causing “temptations” that’s only your mind trying to justify what it wants, why not drop the confession booth and instead hold YOURSELF accountable. Make a list of what you want out of the day, carry it with your or put it in a place you’ll see it a lot. Repeat to yourself that it’s what you want, and focus on your goals. It’ll take a lot of pressure off your head and at teh end of the day when you can check off all things you accomplished and all the urges you didn’t give into, you’ll feel great about yourself.

Brother Pete I will tell you how. Please read my posts in this thread:

The answer is 1 Rosary everyday.

Tom, OMG!!! Seriously, I agree with everything you said but the confession booth It’s an offical way to wipe the slate clean and can take a lot of psychological pressure off as well.

Or, in the case that you don’t want a behavior chart for your sexual sins posted on the fridge, you could determine an activity that will destract you from the desire for that sin. Someone already suggested the rosary, which is not only taking your mind off the sin but also putting it on God. If it’s a reasonable hour, you could also call your grandma on the phone. Or walk the dog. Or go to Adoration. Or build a bird house. Find an activity that requires two hands and most of your brain. That is my best advice.

Re: the bolded statement, you do realize what a paradoxical statement that is, right? Confessing your wrongdoings to another human being is precisely holding yourself accountable.

And why do you assume Catholics don’t set goals for themselves?

As for your promotion of moral relativism, well, it’s nothing new to anyone here. It’s the modus operandi of modern society. We’ve heard it all before. :slight_smile:

And if you want a Catholic answer ignore the above post.:cool:

At the end of the day, I find that what might help the OP is saying a prayer to St Benedict, or St Michael the Archangel against the Devil and his temptations.

Or the fail-proof Rosary shall be your aid. Whenever you feel tempted, take out your Rosary and PRAY! Make use of the glorious sacrament we have, of confession.

I have a round medallion from the Knights with 1 decade of the rosary on it. I keep it in my pocket, and use it to pray a decade if temptation strikes.

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