Overconfidence is weakness

Follow up on my deliverance vs. exorcism theme.
I can not believe that demons would come out so easily and willingly when the prot. deliverance people simply proclaim the power of Jesus. In an exorcism the priest is engaged in a immense spiritual battle. Either the " demons " that are cast out by prot. are not demons in reality, or they are playing with the prot. ministers.

This might give you some idea:

I was originally trained by a Protestant Deliverance Ministry that was one of the few in the country who has level-heads. At the bi-annual conferences hundreds of strong spiritual warriors from all over the world would gather for prayer, worship, fellowship, and training. This group, which includes some of the most famous Protestant deliverance ministers in the world, talk about the dangers of doing this work on themselves and even upon their families.

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