Overdue library book returned

Overdue library book returned


In 1985 I discovered a book in my grandmother’s house that had been checked out of the local high school library by my father in 1948. Since I went to the same school, I returned it. I expected the librarian to have a sense of humor about it, and I was surprised to see her not even crack a smile and go on to calculate the late charges like it was an everyday occurrence. She was kind enough to waive those fees since I wasn’t the one at fault for not returning the book. :shrug:

You would think they would be happy to get the book back! I was working for a charity store recently and found a library book that had been given in … took it back but unfortunatly it had been taken off the system so didn’t know how much there was owing on it.

this reminds me of those books I checked out and never got around to returning, fourtunatly my libraries over due charges only go as high as 10$ after that they assume you lost it so I do all my book shoping there and it has saved me hundreds of dollars. (and no it is not stealing i pay the difference in my taxs-the library is the only govt service i use)

One day someone will hand in the original copy of the Bible, which one of their distant ancestors borrowed from the local library in the year dot, and all our questions will be answered.

No. I don’t think it is funny when people do not return their library books on time. Oftentimes I find a book listed in the catalog only to find out that it is not on the shelf. By not returning your books on time, you are being disrespectful, rude and uncharitable to others who are looking to read this book. Further you are violating the promises which you made when you signed up and registered for your library card. This is not funny at all.

Well, I am hoping jpk is joking because really, all the books at the library belong to the community and you are lucky you only have to pay $10.00 to cover a “lost” book, also, if you do this often, the two public library systems I work with would not allow you to check out another book!

We have truly misplace books to the point of having to pay for them, at cost. Then we find them, I do keep them if I have had to pay for them. Also, we have purchased many a book from the Libraries annual book sell too - these are stamped in such a way that they are no longer owned by the library system though so, if you find a book at a local used book source don’t assume it was never returned, could be one of those old books the library was taking out of circulation and sold to someone, it may just be one of the many books that didn’t get the “out of circulation” stamp on it :D.

Brenda V.

But, I’m not the one who didn’t return the book. In fact, I am the one who DID return the book. My father was the guilty party. :shrug: But thanks for the lecture anyway.

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