Overflow 'mob' attends mass at Detroit's historic St. Albertus Church


I was able to attend this mass. It was a phenomenal event, and one I hope other diocese can reproduce. It brought Catholics from across southeast Michigan to come an worship in a beautiful old church that was the historic center of the area’s Polish neighborhood. Mass Mob Detroit has helped bring thousands of Catholics (and others, as the Detroit Free Press story indicates) to parishes whose populations have been dwindling. A few weeks ago, a single mass was able to raise over $23,000 in contributions through the offering baskets for another Detroit parish, Sweetest Heart of Mary Church.

This model can be used to help support struggling parishes, to bring together Catholics who normally never see one another, and focus attention on the plight of neighborhoods going through hard times.

I’ve been reading these stories of “Mass mobs” with great interest. I think it’s a great idea and I am always happy to hear of these events being successful.

What a wonderful way to spend a vacation, instead of a selfish trip out of the country or to an overpriced amusement park, using our money in our country to help other Catholics PLUS visit a beautiful parish.

We have a Mass Mob in the AD of Philadelphia, with website and everything.

Right now, the do a mob once every few of months.

The 3rd one will be sometime this Fall.


I wouldn’t always call such getaways selfish.

The next Detroit Mass Mob will be at St. Florian Church, in Hamtramck. It will be held on September 28th. The locations for October and November can be found at this link:


Here is a photo of the event at St. Albertus. It was posted on Facebook by one of the attendees. The Facebook page has a wealth of information about the event:

Hopefully the people that go to these continue to go to church and grow in their faith.

I was able to attend the Masses at St. Charles Borromeo and St. Joseph.

It is a very worthwhile movement :slight_smile:

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