Overly Optimistic?

Do you think that at some point in the future, we could see a mass returning to religions (not just Catholicism, but established religions (and not generalised “spiritualism”))? I personally am not optimistic about it, but the only way I could potentially see it happen would be maybe if we went too far down the road of “do whatever you want”. Imagine pulling a rubber band so much and so tight that it just snapped - were society wakes up and sees that maybe religion is not something to be ignored, and begins to see the problems of a lot of what it formerly applauded as progressive?

It’s not a debate, just a discussion so share whatever you want!! :slightly_smiling_face:

When people actually see the world ending or some other disaster approaching, all of a sudden a whole lotta people who haven’t been to church in years will be crowding into them.


That makes me think of the scene in the Simpsons movie when the dome comes over Springfield, and all the people from Moe’s bar run into the church beside :rofl:


Institutional religion? No. We live in a time where a person can’t hide their sins, and people dont like hypocrisy in those that preach morality

I hope so. I hope it will be in mutual respect and support, like Pope Francis meeting with the Islamic leader which in part inspired his latest encyclical. If it is just each religion closing ranks and saying, “I’m right and you’re wrong,” I’m not sure if that will be very attractive to those who no longer care about religion. But if they see us working together, while respecting our differences, and truly helping others in need, that might be an effective motivator. That’s the kind of progress I hope for.


I’m not optimistic either.


I am pessimistic. I don’t expect to see massive conversions, people will try to rationalize anything away until it is too late.

No way if u listen to the media

I think not in the near future. Most people are content with the way things are going, away from faith and morals, and toward wealth, power, and pleasure.

Also I don’t imagine that a mass return to faith, when it comes, would involve a majority, or certainly not at first.

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I agree with Tis. People are too “comfortable” now. Many were raised without devotion and won’t start seeking it out when everything around them seems fine already.


I was praying for these things. Misunderstanding grew between Christianity but it won’t stop me from hoping that we can be united again.

Isn’t the saying “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Faith”? I think it would take a massive crisis in which people felt their lives were in danger and they saw that those with Faith, Hope, and Charity were doing better than those without it.


As my mother always said, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” Only massive disaster will drive people back to God.

I think Western Civ is dead in the water and if it does come back, it will be far in the future.

I’m talking time frames of decades or centuries.

Non-Western cultures?
I think anything is possible.


As in a mob of people = mass
or as in a catholic mass for all religions?

That’s a great point. People should be drawn by love rather than driven by fear.

That’s why it’s so important for Catholics and all people of faith and good will to live righteously, love one another, be like the yeast, the salt, the lamp, and let our light shine.

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What’s the difference? :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:

Too few people understand reason these days, so it won’t happen until something engages their emotions.

Come to think of it, the epistle of Jude outlines how people are drawn to conversion.

21 Keep yourselves in the love of God and wait for the mercy
of our Lord Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.

22 On those who waver, have mercy;

23 save others by snatching them out of the fire; on others
have mercy with fear, abhorring even the outer garment stained
by the flesh.

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Echoing Tis_Bearself, there was a clear and countable uptick in Mass attendance for a year or more after 9/11.

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