Overseas vocation?


Hi all,

After some years discerning, trying an aspirancy in one congregation overseas almost two years ago, and thinking that I didn't have a religious vocation, the thought of that more still comes back and there is still an attraction to that particular order (not that congregation- though sometimes that comes back too-temptation perhaps).

The thing I'm thinking about is that that order is fairly limited in my country-which would mean seeking if I have a vocation overseas. My heart says to check it out, my head comes up with loads of reasons why not to! I have a melancholic dominant temperment and find it difficult to make massive changes all at once, and that perhaps is also playing a role in holding me back. I was wondering what the realities are on overseas religious vocations? Do they really happen? I've been told that they do, but rarely and it's just a whole lot easier to seek out your vocation in your own country (that just sounded like a cop-out to me).

Thoughts, comments welcome :) God bless!


I do not know much on this subject, but it would probably help if you were working or attending school in the particular country.


Hello Yearning Heart, we are on the same boat. Goodluck to both of us! :gopray: Just recently I decided to seek orders in my country. For practical reason: If I labor myself to get there and one day found out its not for me, adding that I'm quite uncertain if I'm called to that Order though I'm attracted to them. It's just complicated.


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