Overwatch - are Catholics allowed to play this?

Most characters are dressed modestly, no gore, and not many profanities such that the rating is Teen (13 or older)

However, what I’m curious about is whether the gameplay bit is acceptable. Unlike games like Counter Strike, there is no defined “good guy” or “bad guy” side in the gameplay itself (eg counter-terrorists and terrorists) (though there are in the lore) it’s just using weapons to defeat the opposition in modes such as Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. Would this be an acceptable game for Catholics to play?

You aren’t killing anyone in this game. Everyone gets up and you keep going. It’s a bundle of mechanics, not a narrative. It isn’t gratuitous, there’s no gore. It could just as easily be paint ball or laser tag.

There IS a vague good guy vs. bad guy meta-narrative. But they haven’t really done much with it in the game.

One of the characters is a lesbian in that vague meta-narrative. But it doesn’t come into the gameplay at all.

The game is very clear on who the bad guys are, and they are those people who don’t guard the payload.

Amen brother.

Is this for you or for someone else? I had a look on youtube and it seems okay-ish. I have never played it so I can’t say.

There could be arguments made one way or the other IMO, I draw the line at blasphemy, sexual content or vulgar material for myself.

Id also be careful of occult, which can be hard to tell in some games, Overwatch may have some occultists elements in it. And id be wary of the homosexual agenda as I have heard. Doesn’t necessarily mean don’t play it, but be wary and I wouldn’t recommend for kids if it’s got any of that stuff.

It’s hard to tell unless I’ve played the game, you have the best knowledge of it and you should best be able to answer it if your honest with yourself.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

You’ve been having a lot of questions on doubts on your video games as of late, ResoluteSheep. For your own sake I would encourage you to please stop seeking your answers from strangers on the internet, but to talk with your priest. You mentioned before that he gave a general guideline, perhaps if you go to him again he will be able to further clarify your questions so that you aren’t plagued by agonizing over whether or not every game you play is okay or not. Peace.

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