Overwhelmed by prayer intentions

The Lord has been opening up my prayer life in unexpected ways. Before, I was quite lazy with prayer but I now crave prayer time and consider it my spiritual breath. One thing that seems to be happening is a far greater empathy for the sufferings of other souls. I see so many petitions here and feel overwhelmed with sorrow for them. I try to offer everyone on this site collectively. But a i read through the intentions here I seem to have my breath taken away again and again by what my brother and sisters in Christ are going through. God is filling me with unspeakable joy but at the same time, I feel I cannot keep up with everyone’s needs. I feel I am bearing their sorrow with them, and there is an awful lot of sorrow.

Has anyone else felt this way?

There are many people hurting and suffering. It could be overwhelming. But try not to allow them get to you. I usually offer a Rosary for all are concerned and keep my peace in the Lord.

Offer up a rosary for all of the intentions posted. God bless.

I too, think about the people here and the problems they share wanting and needing prayers. I want to pray for everyone and not forget them but there is a lot. So, every night I say a prayer to Saint Joseph. “…I place in thee all my interest and desires. I pray especially for all my friends on CAF who are hurting and in need.” I feel like he takes the prayers to Jesus for me when I can’t do any better. That’s after I say my prayers for them.

Yes. I can’t keep track of my intentions and everyone else’s. And it is heart wrenching. Recently my mental abilities have been taxed. When I can’t keep track of my petitions and others’ I do this: write a list of each tiny thing and put it on my St. Joseph statue or just a prayer journal. Then I tell the Holy Spirit to keep track of all my intentions for myself and others. Every day. The Holy Spirit helps us pray when we don’t have words. I feel like I am adding prayers to a lot that the HS “updates” and remembers for me :slight_smile: but the spirit of Truth can pray much better than we can on our own. And I like to offer up masses for all the CAF intentions. I realize this is all impersonal and ideally I prefer to ask these things individually and heartfelt but that is not always possible.

I have a list of prayer intentions on my computer and I just say, I’m praying for that list in my rosary and don’t worry about it after that. I used to try to say each intention before my rosary but it’s silly because there’s too many to keep track of.

It is a kind of spiritual contract. I think The Little Flower had the same sort of idea too in her book. I can’t exactly recall though. I heard it from a priest too. You do a certain action (like pray the rosary or whatever) and ask that every time you do it, it be considered for a certain thing (like the prayer intentions be heard).

I always use the same intention at Mass and communion too…let me have the grace of final perseverance. It’s the most important and so I just say that every time and I think Our Lady will take care of the rest if I need anything else :wink:

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