Overwhelming Joy during Mass?


I am not an overly emotional person. In fact, far from it. This past week-end at Easter Mass I was unexpectedly and suddenly overcome by such a feeling of joy and happiness that it took all I could do from not crying. It was that strong. It was actually somewhat embarrassing as I was totally caught off guard. The opening song is where it hit me first as the words just seemed to fill my heart with joy. I was totally caught off guard. I collected myself but during the gospel reading I felt this feeling overwhelm me again. I was so happy I couldn’t help but shed some tears. I don’t know what to make of all this as I’ve never ever had this happen during Mass ever before. It was quite surprising as again I’m not an emotional person at all.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I’m still trying to make sense of it but the best I can describe it was just a feeling of pure joy and happiness?


How neat. Once in while it just all comes together. Surely, a blessing.


All the time when I was still young attending Mass in the U.K., and I didn’t understand a single prayer in Polish or English.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! It happened to me last year, only the source was much more clear to me. I was not a very emotional person, either. I always kept my faith in the mind, if you will. I prayed to God and told Him that I just wasn’t getting it. That I just couldn’t understand. To be honest, I was feeling very hopeless. All of the sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks. And it definitely took all it could for me not to cry. It was like… love and mercy and passion and forgiveness and… everything. All that is good. All of it rolled into one and with such intensity that I really just couldn’t take it (which led to some interesting reflections about purgatory!) And I was very confused as I looked around to try to find out what was going on. And then I looked up, and the priest was holding up the Body and Blood of Christ. It was the single best moment of my life and it really isn’t possible to explain it to someone who hasn’t experienced it. I am so happy for you! I seriously cannot stop smiling now!

My advice to you… Rejoice and be glad!


Our Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil was beautiful. We had 6 people come into the Church and a couple have their marriage blessed by the Church. I was crying off and on. The Holy Spirit was working in me.


Do a search of the gift of tears. I haven’t searched it myself but I think I’ve seen it referenced here.
It’s happened to me a couple of times once at Mass and once in Confession. It’s hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it. I thank God every day for my faith and while I don’t think that moment will ever really duplicate itself I am happy to feel so blessed in my faith. I pray for all those on this forum who struggle with doubt and/or despair.


Almost every Easter Vigil I get this same overwhelming joy that you described. I love seeing people coming into the Church! At my parish, 23 people received their sacraments on the Easter Vigil this year, and this only represents the “Elect”/catechumens. We have our candidates receive their sacraments on another day, primarily due to numbers.

Simply put, I LOVE EASTER! And going to the entire Triduum really puts one on a complete and total emotional roller coaster, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.


After last year, I was expecting to be swept off my feet by a whirlwind of grace. And instead I experienced the rollercoaster. My heart had never felt pain like that before. It physically ached Wednesday through Friday. And then at the Easter Vigil that all just melted away and it was replaced by that feeling of completeness that I can only experience when I really open my heart to listen to God. It didn’t have the intensity with which it hit last year, but it just stayed with me.


I often have the opposite problem at the good friday stations of the cross… this time I felt so sad and couldn’t stop crying openly. Its so embarrasing, yes. But then, I also wonder why no one else cries. I saw one or two ladies dab their face with tissues. Maybe everyone is good at hiding it? Better than me? sniffle :rolleyes:

edit: Redfox, I also felt desolation in the lead up to Easter, especially on friday and saturday, I was so down, that my husband kept worrying about me, I kept saying, quite irritated “I can’t help it! It’s a sad day!” but he didn;t understand because he is not Catholic, and also, because I behaved terribly the whole time. SO he thought I was mad at him. God has kept my heart so peaceful all year - even though its been a difficult year. I wonder if he needed to remind me of sadness because I have been getting a bit smug. :blush:

I found this article: ncronline.org/blogs/francis-chronicles/pope-francis-extols-gift-tears


You have experienced the Divine Mercy. How awesome!

Keep your heart open to God and it will likely continue.


Why I was upset on Wednesday was making no sense to me, until the priest gave his homily. At the end, he asked us all to take a step back this Holy Week and really say, “Yes, Lord. I will follow you.” And of course, my gut reaction was going to be to say just that to myself, right then and there. Because of the agony in my heart, though, I just couldn’t. It was like I was being asked, “Are you following because of the comfort and ease He brings? Will you really follow in suffering?” And I just couldn’t give an answer at that time. It gave me so much to think about and reflect upon. And He did see me through the pain. He didn’t just strand me alone and hopeless. And in the end I knew I could say, “Yes,” and be completely sure. I mean - a difficult Holy Week to be sure, but more fruitful than I could have ever imagined.


It is the intervention of the Holy Spirit moving your soul.



Yes at the Papal Mass 2008 Sydney during World Youth Day. Over half a million people attended.

I was not a Catholic then, just tagged along with some Catholic friends from uni.

Hard to put into words what happened. I felt like I alone was enveloped in a mini whirlwind of love and overwhelming emotion which struck me to my knees, speechless and awestruck.

I converted the following Easter.


I am a cry baby. I cry sometimes at Mass because it is so grace filled. It’s not always the same thing that sets me off, but often it begins with the music because music speaks to my heart more than words ever could. I cry other times, too, when talking about the Lord or our Holy Mother Church, which makes it difficult to speak. Sometimes I pray for God to stem the flow of tears so I can get through a particular event. On Holy Thursday I cried through the entire Mass of the Lord’s Supper but managed to make it through Good Friday’s Celebration of the Lord’s Passion. So I truly understand. Truly.


That is so lovely RedFox, thanks for sharing! You are in good company, I think many of the saints experienced immense sufferings during Hold Week.


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