Overwhelming sad thoughts while praying the rosary


I hope someone can answer this for me. For some reason, when I pray the rosary with my husband in the evening. I feel overwhelming sadness and sorrow and guilt over things I may have done to hurt people in the past. It’s so consuming I begin crying and can barely finish the rosary. It doesn’t matter which mystery either.

When I’m driving home from work praying it, I’m fine and can concentrate. It’s strange but it’s almost as if when I’m in a quiet place in our bedroom praying it, I just get so overwhelmingly guilty feeling that I can’t stand it. These are things I’ve been to confession for and I know I’ve been forgiven for, but for some reason it happens when I pray the rosary. I almost feel as though it’s satan not wanting me to concentrate and to feel bad about myself while praying the rosary. But if anything, I should feel more peaceful. I have received alot of peace from praying the rosary in the past, but for some reason it’s really gotten bad. Of course, no matter what I will continue to say it. Especially if satan has his way and want’s me to stop. Has anyone ever had anything like this?


Yes, actually about going to Mass too. But I continued going cause someone who loves me very much encouraged me to :slight_smile: I would say to pray the Rosary and go to Mass and especially confession as often as you possibly can.


It sounds as if you might be thinking more of yourself and your feelings than meditating on the mysteries of the rosary. When I say the rosary I use the Hail Marys as a sort of mantra to keep my mind from wandering and as I say them I read a meditation on the mysteries. Aid to Church in Need has a little booklet of rosary meditations, St Josemaria Excriva has written a booklet of rosary meditations.

I agree that you should keep on saying the rosary because if the devil is trying to get you to stop you must be doing a whole lot of good when you say the decades.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


It sounds like the Holy Spirit softening your heart. With the heart pliable, God can teach us much. This might be a reshaping, and if so, you should embrace it joyfully and thank Jesus that he has graced you with a portion of his suffering.


Dear urstormy,

There is no way for anyone to know where your sadness is coming from. Do you ever just sit with God and “be”? I suggest that you sit with God in your suffering, allow yourself to be open and share it with Him. Don’t think or talk, just “be”. He might reveal something to you. I will pray for you.


St josemaria is great:thumbsup: you can try the scriptural rosary if you have trouble. There’s a small scripture reading before each hail mary and it may help you concentrate more.

The devil may be causing trouble. You can’t be sure. You can ask a holy priest his opininion. For a long time I had the most diabolical thoughts popping into my head whilst praying the rosary. It was very distracting but eventually it stopped, Satan hates the rosary because it’s such a powerful spiritual weapon we have. Just dismiss the thoughts and persevere unless your priest / spiritual director says otherwise. And if it is satan you can be sure he’s angry at you because your doing too much good. God bless.:slight_smile:


u r s t o r m y. :heart:
i’m afraid that i don’t know the exact answer to your question, as i feel that it could be a combination of several things that is causing you to experience this. i truly am so sorry beyond words that you’ve been suffering while attempting to pray the Rosary—but your faithfulness in completing it shows the depth of your devotion and the sincerity of your love for God and our Blessed Mother, and i admire you so much for it. :slight_smile: :heart: i have a strong feeling that part of it could be Satan attempting to keep you from praying the Rosary effectively, so i suggest that you pray the St. Michael the Archangel prayer before you begin, and also ask our Blessed Mother to protect you while you pray, and help you to concentrate completely on the devotion. if this doesn’t work, then it most likely is the Holy Spirit softening your heart and opening your soul further, which must be painful, but is definitely an amazing grace that will be so beautiful and completely worth it in the end. :heart: because these are sins that have already been forgiven, i have a stronger feeling that it’s Satan trying to distract you—but don’t let him win! i have no doubt that you will remain faithful and devoted, and that in the end, you will triumph over his attempts to keep you from the Rosary. until he gives up, i would definitely suggest asking for the protection and intercession of our Blessed Mother and St. Michael, and saying a short prayer before you begin to keep Satan away. i will definitely be keeping you in my constant thoughts and prayers. God bless you! :slight_smile:

in the peace and love of Christ,
alison :heart:


If you’ve been forgiven through confession, God has forgotten your sin. His Mercy is from age to age, and all that.

Try saying a Divine Mercy Chaplet, and perhaps reading some of Sister (St.) Faustina’s diary. This might help you understand and learn to trust Jesus in His infinite Mercy. All the other suggestions are great, too, esp. praying to St. Michael. I can’t recommend this chaplet of Jesus’ Mercy enough, though, when you’re suffering like this. He loves you and has forgiven you!

I’ll keep you in my prayers today.


All of the advice and suggestions you have been given are good… the Holy Spirit may be softening your heart, and perhaps in addition to that you are simply distracted and need to focus on the mysteries.

But, perhaps Mary is calling you to a greater devotion to her Immaculate Heart? This is not relying on Mary for salvation, but instead recognizing that she is a perfect example for us to follow in following Christ, and that all of her intentions and thoughts are pure. Perhaps she is asking you to devote yourself to a reparation? This might be a good spiritual exercize that may help you grow. A reparation for sins against the pure intentions of the Immaculate Heart is made to purify our deepest intentions and align them with God’s will. Mary asked that for five months you go to confession on the first Saturday of the month, attend Mass, pray the rosary, and spend 15 minutes with her and allow her to speak to your heart.


If you feel sadness for things you haven’t confessed, then this might be the Holy Spirit convicting you of sin and giving you true contrition… but if you’ve confessed them, than there is no real reason to feel guilty.

Sorry I don’t have any great advice, but I suggest at those moments just turning with trust to God’s mercy and maybe praying the Divine Mercy chaplet. And when you pray the Rosary, try to focus as much as you can on the Mysteries.

This may be a distraction from the enemy, BUT, it might also be God trying to give you greater humility. I really don’t know. Trust in God’s mercy and ask Him for mercy and if the feelings still remain, then maybe they shouldn’t be there. Remember, He has forgiven you.

God bless.


Hi. It’s good you shared this with your extended catholic family here. Continue to pray the Rosary. There is a battle of Good and evil. I have had similiar experiences. During those times, I cried, but I kept my soul with God. Keep yourself close to God and remember he loves you as we love you. Someone very wise told me God forgives you, but can you forgive yourself? Godbless you and Peace be with you always.

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