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Hi all,

I am new to Catholic Answers and to NFP. My fiancee and I just completed the required NFP seminar for marriage, however according to my priest I will need to have a more comprehensive education for NFP due to a diagnosis of PCOS. We have an appointment with a NaPro physician next week to discuss our needs and options.

My question for all of you is in regards to Ovulation Charting Software. I have read numerous reviews, and searched the posts here on Catholic Answers seeking assistance with my questions. However, the newest of those posts that I could find are quite old, from late 2009 or early 2010. Knowing how technology changes I was hoping that I could get some more current advise on which programs, preferrably not online as were we are building our house doesn’t have internet available other than dial up.

I do have one problem. With my diagnosis of PCOS we also found that the medication that helps the most causes me to menstrate every other week. And as I have a blood clotting disorder I have an IUD in order to take the medication. The IUD is not being used for birth control, just for my medical issue. But because of the IUD I don’t currently menstrate and the programs that I have reviewed myself require information on when and how long you menstrate, when you ovulate and how long your cycles are…I currently don’t have that information and am hoping to find software that won’t require that information, but that I can begin entering my BBT and other factors.


Go to www.fertilityfriend.com

It's an amazing charting website.


If you are going to a NAPRO doctor, they will help you. They will more than likely have you stop any hormonal aids…and you will be charting Creighton method. This does not have software (although you can make your own spreadsheet).

I have PCOS, and through blood sugar meds, was treated, all through my Napro doc.

I have no idea why you would need an IUD " in order to take the medication" for a blood clotting disorder.


Agapewolf, I need an IUD becuase the Metformin, which is the only insulin sensitivity drug that works for me, causes me to menstrat every other week… thus the IUD.

Serop, thanks for the tip, I will check out the website.


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