Owing restitution And Vocation

Hello I am to become a priest my preference would be a Franciscan in Jerusalem or any were in Israel I have great love for Jewish people
But I have a problem in my previous life I was not moral I did not believe in God and thought because I was thought this in school every day for 6 years that it’s survival of the fittest we came from monkeys and God is a superstition and religion is made by man to control people a very sad reality I lived. in what happened next is when I reached college I had a accident with a car not my fault but I lied and said I did not drink when asked by a police officer did I, but I did not cause the accident.
I could not finish my college course i lost my job at the time as well because I stole money to pay for medical bills I was working part time and could not even afford a full weeks worth of food not to mind physio and Doctor bills and chiropractor bills from then on for the next 4 years I could not work and was waiting on money from my accident compensation at the time I had no money so I robbed money off people to eat and get busses normally I would take very small amounts from family and friends like I said I believed in survival of the fittest I told this to my confessor and he said pay restitution to the church I owe a lot of restitution because I feel like I was not honest with the police officer even do the accident was not my fault I got compensated a years wage even do i lost my college my jobs have serious back pain for the rest of my life can’t exercise properly and also was put into a mental hospital for 8 months were I read the Bible and found God all in the space of 4 years now I think even do i asked my lawyer at the time of getting compensation I was dishonest in getting compensation because I lied about drinking alcohol my lawyer said I was more then likely not over the limit and that I did not cause the accident but I feel like I committed a injustice and feel like I owe restitution for the compensation which is 40,000€ my lawyer took nearly half so 25,000€ I got should I focus on paying this money back before starting the priesthood or pay it back when in the priesthood ?

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