owwwww I hurt!!!!


I just got back from the hospital. I was trying to drop the rear gate of a car trailer and it knocked me over and landed on my leg. I was pinned under the trailer for what seemed like forever, but in actuality it was about 5 minutes because all the guys were directing a combine out of the barn and couldn’t stop to rescue me. So being guys, they finally came over and lifted the gate off my leg then walked away…:(. I walked into the barn and asked for a bag of ice… no sooner did they get me a bag of ice, of course I had to pee. So I had to get the guys to walk me to the bathroom and then again, they walked away. So, next thing I know my leg is black… I mean really black! So I hobbled back to my pallet of salt bags and sat down and put the ice on again. Still I am thinking it is just bruised but it hurt like heck! Finally I walked to the front of the barn and sat down in the van I came to get parked out front. As I sat there I realized I couldn’t drive it. So I called my son to take me to the hospital. My son and I always end up having such a good time we crack everyone else there up. Today was no exception! I was in triage and the nurse asked if there were any other health concerns they needed to be aware of. I whispered, “I am pregnant,” hoping my son didn’t hear, but of course the nurse didn’t either so I repeated myself a little louder… and my son heard. Without skipping a beat he said, “And this is why I am glad I don’t live at home!” So I told him we weren’t telling anyone else yet, and he looks at me and asks if dh knows… of course he knows. In the mean time the triage nurse is still asking me questions. All of a sudden she looks up at me and my son and says, “Did you say this is why you don’t live at home?” and started laughing. I am not kidding a full 5 minutes had gone by since he had said it and she finally got it! My son and I just bust up laughing. “Finally caught that did you?” I asked, which of course got everyone laughing more…

Well, turns out I broke my leg. Specifically, I broke the fibula. When the rear gate knocked me over I fell to the side a little bit and it didn’t come straight down on the tibia… as much pain as I am in, I think that would have been worse because it would have broken the skin too and I probably would have had the bone sticking out my leg. When the doctor came in after x-rays, he sat down next to me and started drawing. I looked at him and said, “Drawing is not a good sign” My son stars cracking up again…like “Mom, boy did you state the obvious!”

Why don’t they put casts on at the hospital anymore? They made me go to a clinic at the opposite side of the city to get the cast. Of course, they offer me pain meds…and I want them soooo bad but I have to remind them I am pregnant. The med tech goes out in the hallway and we hear her say, “Can you believe that woman is pregnant? That is her 20 yo son in there with her!” Again my son and I are cracking up!!! Finally, she comes back in to put my cast on and she asks what color I want. I asked for lime green and she said they didn’t have that shade so my son pipes up, “Hot pink” and the nurse never even asks me and goes and gets pink. I was in so much pain but my son was certainly keeping my spirits up!! The whole time I am thinking, “Wow I really did raise a mini-me!!!” He is so much like me it is unreal! He knows what I am thinking before I think it sometimes… pretty cool!

Anyway, some prayers would be awesome. I am in so much pain I feel like screaming! I can’t find a comfortable position to save my life and my pitt bull is trying to comfort me but keeps jarring my leg…


Wow, I can not even imagine going through something like that pregnant. Take it easy, BlestOne, and I am praying for you!


Ow. :ouch: Prayers for complete healing. And if laughter is the best medicine you are well on your way. :smiley:


I’m glad you have your sense of humor to help you get through this. Do you have help at home while you’re off your feet? I will be praying for you!


:bigyikes: sounds like you’re one tough lady!!!

Which bodes well for healing, of course, but you have my prayers anyway :smiley:


Ow! Prayers for the pain to subside and healing to be rapid and baby to survive all this:D

I have to say you and your son sound like me and my daughter in many situations, especially emergency room ones - we tend to crack up the Dr. too (it is really funny when he is trying to be all serious and all you can do is giggle!)

Brenda V.


What a cheerful spirit you are! :slight_smile: I’ll be praying for you…I keep thinking of you hobbling around on that broken leg before you realized how injured you were…I swear I’m having sympathy pains! OUCH!

And congrats on the baby…how wonderful for you!!!


OH! You poor poor dear! You can’t have the really really really GOOD pain meds cuz you’re pregnant! Oh, I really really feel for you, and I will pray for you. How blessed you are to have such a great relationship with your son. I pray my son and I are as cool with each other when he’s twenty.

Keep us posted on how you’re doing. You don’t have anything else to do… you can’t walk for goodness sake. If I lived close, I’d certainly be checking on you and making sure your chores are done. I hope you have some good help around there!

God bless you! I hope you have a speedy recovery!


Thanks to all…
your prayers are really appreciated. I usually don’t feel pain too badly, but this time I really hurt… and just when I can’t have pain meds!!! I know I will be fine, the only thing I was really worried about was how hard I hit the ground on my buttocks! But I didn’t have much time to dwell on it when the gate landed on me. I was also concerned that my discomfort is going to cause me to get no sleep tonight. I suppose when I am totally exhausted I will just collapse. My dd is on spring break this week so she will be home with me tomorrow. After that I am back to work… except I can’t drive myself in so I am sure we will have to make some sort of arrangements with one of the guys I work with to get me there. Oh… The funny thing… my 17 yo ds has an orthopedic appt for a cat scan on Thursday for a broken ankle… and I have no idea how I am going to get him there but it should be funny going to his appointment in a cast. When it rains, it pours!!!

dulcissima: This is just the kind of thing that always seems to happen when I am pregnant.
Bruised Reed & mommyof4: Yep…laughter is the best medicine!
LilyM: Tough is one word for it…hehehehe!!!
Brenda V.: Every family needs a child that interacts with parents like this don’t they?
Princess_Abby: Ohhhhh… please don’t have sympathy pains… I am having enough for everyone! Yeah… thankfully the break was clean so they don’t think I did any damage walking on it… I dunno though…it hurts! and I still didn’t get my plates transfered to my new vehicle!


Awwww BeeSweet… You probably will have a great relationship with your son too. Just keep up the communication and add humor wherever possible. I am lucky my dd is off school this week too. All my kids are great helpers when they need to be… 17yo ds parted with some of his treats for lunch to share with me… and got me everything I needed… awwww!!!


Nothing wrong with having a new one and a 20 year old son!
Most people outside the Church don’t get this though…
Congrats on the new little one, and I will be praying for a quick recovery. Don’t forget to have your parish priest pray over it as well. That always worked for me when I broke stuff.


so did you sleep ok last night? :slight_smile: I can remember how exhausted I was at the beginning of my pregnancies. I don’t think I could handle a broken leg on top of that.

You are one tough cookie!


Welcome on my prayer list. :wink:


RedTech… There isn’t enough sleep in the world right now, unfortunately if I moved at all I had pain shooting down my leg so I tried to stay still and woke up very stiff. My darling pittbull wanted to snuggle last night which was fine until he got up and walked over my cast to get off the couch.

Patience and Love… We are thrilled to have another one (or two). I think it adds alot to family holidays and get togethers. It also helps the other kids with a sense of helping out more too. (and works as birth control too for my teenagers). We feel very blest to be expecting now.

Chevalier- Thanks I really appreciate it alot!!!

My dh has called 3 times already today to check on me. He is such a worry wart!! I get such a kick out of him sometimes! My boss called at 8 sharp to see how I am. He was so funny and sweet too. He is going to try to get work comp to cover it for me. One of the other guys I work with called to and asked if I needed anything too. But the one person I work closest with only called to let me know she was leaving work early and locking up… yesterday about 3:45 and hasn’t called since…:frowning: I think she is mad I inconvenienced her!


LOL! After I gave birth to my daughter, I lived at home with my parents and little sister for about a year. After having her in the house, and hearing the up all nights, middle of the nights, poopy diapers, etc… my lil sis is content to remain a non-mommy until she gets married.





I’ll be sure to pray for you :smiley: Great Story (I mean the funny parts of course - not the…errr…more painful bits).



Thanks Catholig, I always find that the best stories are true… unbelievable but true. I am back to work today and it really is the pits! I can’t get comfy to save my life.


Well, that was certainly an announcement.

Don’t eat at a certain chicken place in Chicago that tries to cater to everybody, is all I can say. Get food poisoning and you miss everything.

Many blessings upon your new little one, and on the big old “little” one who helped you through the ordeal.


Oh Blest One - I just read this. How awful for you!!!

Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery. Poor dear!

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