Oxford approves transgender bathroom ordinance with threat of $500 fine, 6 months in jail

The City of Oxford Tuesday passed an ordinance making it illegal to use a public bathroom different from the gender on a person’s birth certificate.

The ordinance also affects changing rooms and applies within the city limits and its police jurisdiction.

Police Chief Bill Partridge said the law, which makes the offense a misdemeanor, would be enforced like any other city ordinance, such as noise violations or public indecency.


Perhaps a clarification could be made here: This report is about Oxford, Alabama. Population 21,000.

Not Oxford, Mississippi. Not Oxford, England. It’s Oxford, Alabama.

Just to clarify.

I have no problem with this. It goes against the liberal tide.

I knew it wasn’t Oxford, England, else it would have been £500.

The birth certificate can be changed.

That’s true, but, unless I’m mistaken, only after going through the surgery for full “transition”. I don’t think anybody really objects to a fully transitioned transsexual using the bathroom that most closely matches their cosmetic surgery altered genitalia. What people do object to is seeing penises in the ladies bathroom. Of course they only object for bigoted reasons, because as I’ve said repeatedly, bigotry is the only reason one could object to an adult, biological male sharing a public restroom with a pre-teen girl.

I’ve never even seen a penis in the men’s room. I have no idea what everybody else does in there but averting eyes is what I recommend.

What people object to is creeps using ladies’/girls’ bath- and locker rooms for nefarious reasons under the guise of being transgender; and lack of action for fear of civil rights lawsuits.

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