Oxford students defeat motion seeking to ban pro-life stalls


A student union clause, which threatened the presence of pro-life stalls at Oxford University’s Freshers’ Fairs, was narrowly defeated on Wednesday evening.

Oxford Students for Life (OSFL) galvanized support against a clause which said that the university should not provide a platform to any group which stood against “women’s right to choose.”

The clause, which raised concerns from students of pro-life persuasions and none, read: “OUSU resolves…Never to platform any group or organisation which provides directional advice around abortion or explicitly stands against women’s right to choose.”



I am glad that it was defeated, even if narrowly so. It’s a good thing that there will be pro-life stalls. Hopefully if this issue comes up again, they’ll be able to better handle the issue and defeat any such motions to prevent pro-life stalls with a wider margin.


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