Oxford University Press "Duradera" Binding?


Oxford University Press binds some of their Bibles in a product trademarked as Duradera.

They will describe the binding as “Leather Binding, Duradera, Black”. Here is an example:

I’ve seen the same products described by distributors and retailers as “Duradera Leather”.

So does anyone know what Duradera is?

It isn’t bonded leather. I have one of their Bibles bound in Duradera and it is beautiful. I doubt it is imitation but if it is then then it is the best I have ever seen.



It is in fact an imitation leather. Oxford has trademark the name “Duradera” for its synthetic.


That’s a good question. In researching Duradera, some places market it as genuine leather, and other specifically say it’s imitation.
It’s used a lot, and I believe I saw where Oxford Press obtained the patent for it, so I’d say it was synthetic but the material of choice for their bookbinding. Also, generally, when something is given a separate name, it’s a developed product.
But really, there’s not a lot of info on it. Just that it’s very widely used. Real leather has non-uniform pores and a distinctive smell that is not easily replicated.
Bottom line, if it works for you and holds up well…:thumbsup:


I don’t know how they get away with the description “Leather Binding, Duradera.”

It is however, a beautiful product. Thanks for the info.



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