Oxygen Orders "Strut," a Reality Series About Transgender Models




That will steal a lot of viewers from MSNBC


As if there isn’t enough garbage being pedaled, another reality series for consumption. Who will the sponsors be?


I don’t know, but perhaps Oxygen already is finding support for such shows.

[quote=Variety]Oxygen is also home to “The Prancing Elites Project,” a series that centers around an all-male African-American dance troupe with members who identify as gay or gender non-conforming. “Strut” will pair nicely with “Prancing Elites,” which has been a big success for the cabler, as both series follow creatives in the LGBTQ community.



Oxygen is well known for peddling garbage to the masses. That said, it’s not surprising that there is now going to be a series about transgendered people. The propaganda machine rolls on and on.


Yes, morals by television. It’s been going on for a while.


Um, did you mean to say “Bravo” instead of “MSNBC,” estesbob?


I know and that’s one reason why I don’t want to get cable television. I’d rather keep my internet. At least on the internet I can view more wholesome materials. If I had cable television, the only real benefit to me would be EWTN and The Weather Channel.


MSNBC. Same audience


Why do people care about shows that they will never watch? This can’t be any more degenerate than the rest of the garbage that’s already out there. Reality TV has always been the worst. Oddly I really like fake reality TV (i.e. The Office, Trailer Park Boys).


I think that is the way it will increasingly go Holly. The T.V. stations will decline and people will be more in control of their own viewing through the internet. Hopefully like you, people will choose wisely and revitalise the culture.


You don’t need cable to watch EWTN. If you have a Roku box, you can use it to watch EWTN.


You can? How?


Both channels are owned by NBC.


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