P O L L Concerning The Pope in Rome Stepping Down

  • Yes. The Pope should recuse himself.
  • No. Stay as status quo
  • Undecided - but rather concerned.
  • Not mine to speculate upon.

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The Pontiff’s resignation is something serious and is not something I feel the laity should force upon him or decide upon.

Rather it is his decision I believe, or whatever God wills


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, will I get to 1 before this thread gets locked down and all repliers get banned?


What is the point of a poll on this? It’s unnecessary.


Pope Francis will step not down but up when God calls him home. May God Bless Pope Francis and give him all the time he needs.


Is this business of calling for the Pope to step down primarily an American phenomenon? I wouldn’t be surprised.


The reason - is out of curiousity - how believers feel.
I watched ABC national news - 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm with David Muir.
This was one of the top topics.

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I wouldn’t either.

Either way, it’s really separating the wheat from the chaff…


Yeah, those who are ok with having a pope who fails to act against a crisis in the church and those who aren’t.


The Holy Spirit is in charge. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. The Church will live on with or without any of us. It is not a democracy.


He has a chance to resurrect his reputation and legacy if he takes decisive action – do what he ought to do. He hit the nail on the head a couple times, by pointing out the evil of clericalism, just even two weeks ago. OK, so DO something about it. The only reason to resign is if he fails to repent of his inaction and take charge of the Church.

FEED MY LAMBS. FEED MY SHEEP. Save us from the wolves in purple and red and black.

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Aaaaaaand we’re on our way to a closed thread. In 3, 2, 1…


I agree .

it’s unnecessary and useless .


IMO, he needs to speak out.

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Getting bored of all these threads that are practically identical.


It’s between him and God alone. He was chosen through the Holy Spirit and he will either be called by the Lord to go back to Him or by his own decision. So we just need to trust Our Lord.


Prejudice fighting prejudice!


My answer is…

I did not vote.

My opinion is, everyone who was and is involved in abuse and cover ups should be in jail. I do not care who it is.


I don’t want to see him step down, since that would seem to be an admission of guilt. Hopefully this is all just a misunderstanding that’ll blow over soon.

Regardless, our next Pope needs to make it one of his main objectives to weed out those who are abusing their power.

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