P Riot whipped at Sochi Games by Cossacks



                                        Glad they weren't injured, but good to see a quick end to there attempted spectacle.


How do you know they weren’t injured? Whipped with whips, beaten, and having something sprayed in their faces are acts of violence that are rarely harmless when used with hatred.

I think it’s sad you think that these are approprate means to settle political disagreements.


Actions have consequences. Maybe P-Riot should have thought about that before they did some of the things that they did.


They were interviewed for the first time, on an Irish TV chat show, several weeks ago, A well known Russian economist, who works at university college Dublin, was interviewed first on the show saying he had been asked to translate for them but that they’d had a disagreement earlier and he wouldn’t do it, so a husband of one of the girls translated. The university lecturer said what they did was ‘off’ in Russian society but they should have been given community service, not jail time.

Anyhow, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, I believe the wife, sat sulking through the entire interview, any question the Irish host asked was totally twisted around against the Russian government and was political. Nadezhda then said in answer to yet another question ‘No-one sitting on a purple couch gets out and makes a change to the world’ (she wouldn’t answer any question put to her), to which the Irish interviewer replied; ‘I’m sorry you have to sit on a purple capitalist couch, next time we’ll get you a bed of nails’ He really got annoyed with them.

They don’t do themselves any favours.


I notice that in the secular news they don’t abbreviate the P. It seems like anything goes now in the mainstream media (except criticism of Islam, abortion, Obama, or homosexual behavior).


Having now watched the video, I don’t think they should have been whipped as it looked very off and will attract more supporters to their cause. Men pushing women to the ground and hitting them, doesn’t come across well. I think it would have been better to handcuff and remove them of the property


:clapping:those guys should get a gold metal. I wish the ones who attacked the Prelate got the same treatment. Nothing nicer than bullies getting an old time whuppin’. :smiley:


Wait, people here are actually praising this kind of gratuitous violence against them? :eek:

Violence should never be encouraged and should only ever be used as a last resort to protect the safety of innocents. And when it needs to be used, it should be a sad occasion for all, not one to be celebrated.


They started it. :shrug: I don’t see a lot of people who aren’t Catholic condemning the horrible things that groups like FEMEN do to their victims, so I can’t help but think that statements like the one above are simply hypocrisy.




Absolutely. This is one reason people plan these kinds of things if they calculate they will get roughed up. It gets the media’s attention. Also, police shouldn’t have physically harmed them, unless the protestors used some kind of force against them. It upsets me that they were roughed up. It’s not right.

What also makes me upset is the silence when it’s the other side. For example, sometimes pro-lifers who peacefully demonstrate do get roughed up, but there’s no media outrage. I remember an incident from a college campus here in the US some time ago where marriage supporters were marching through, playing music, and they had to be escorted off by police because people were getting violent with them. I believe students even threw rocks at their car.


If you’re going to run your mouth, don’t be surprised when someone smashes a fist into it.



Excuse me??? That was extremely rude. I am not a hypocrite because of what other people do or do not condemn.

Furthermore, if you would actually read my post, I was clearly speaking about violence in general, not just violence towards those three.

:shrug: I guess I just don’t like seeing people beaten, no matter how much I disagree with them. Call me crazy.:rolleyes:


Should I remember that the next time I go to planned parenthood and there are protesters outside who try to talk me out of getting birth control?


Russia does not have a First Amendment; stop forcing your ideals on sovereign nations.


Really? I’m not forcing an ideal on Russia. I’m speaking about the morality of the situation. Or do civil laws determine what is moral? Something tells me that as someone who is against gay marriage and abortion, you don’t think so.


Well, I abhor P. Riot and everything they stand for. They blasphemed in one of the holiest Orthodox Churches, after all.

But, when I read this story, I have to admit, my reaction was: “really? horse whips? c’mon guys, who uses horse whips any more?”

They should’ve just cuffed 'em and put them in some police cars, questioned them. And, in this case, would’ve let them go after that…

[quote= livingwordunity] I notice that in the secular news they don’t abbreviate the P. It seems like anything goes now in the mainstream media (except criticism of Islam, abortion, Obama, or homosexual behavior).

Well, the media’s use of their full name does them no favors. The liberals can champion this band all they want, but your average American can’t get past the name, and refuses to do anything but dismiss them (as they should). I speak from the experience I had when a liberal professor included P. Riot in a lecture about Russia.

You could tell none of the students were about to do anything except scoff at a band called “P. Riot”. Except the few radical feminist liberals in there… but they were few.


Yep. There are a lot of people and groups I abhor. But I would never celebrate anyone causing them physical harm, especially when cuffs and a squad car work just as well.


They were not savagely beaten but appropriately punished like the naughty brats they are.


The attitude here: whenever someone is attacked, ask, “do I like that person or group?”

If so: outrageous. If not: they had it coming.

[quote=Seamus L]They were not savagely beaten but appropriately punished like the naughty brats they are.

It’s one thing to advocate for women’s rights, but when you combine that with hooliganism? Boy, double whammy for the traditionalist crowd.

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