Pa. drug court lends woman $275 for abortion

Pa. drug court lends woman $275 for abortion

A drug court in central Pennsylvania is facing criticism for lending a woman in treatment $275 to have an abortion.
Blair County District Attorney Richard Consiglio (con-SIL’-ee-oh) says he’ll stop sending cases to the county’s Adult Drug Court if it happens again.


Wow. How sad.And her parents had disowned her.:frowning:
A child’s life can be taken for $275.00.

We need to pray for all the precious souls that are being murdered every minute of every day. :angel1: :byzsoc: :gopray2:

This is where we are headed folks.

Not necessarily. The incident is causing a fair amount of trouble back where it occurred. I think this was a one-off.

Commissioners Chairman Terry Tomassetti said Tuesday that he asked to participate in establishing criteria used to spend money collected from participants enrolled in Adult Drug Court.

The commissioner said his primary objection to the abortion-related request is that “it’s something the court shouldn’t be ordering.” News of the request upset court officials, pro-life advocates and others.

“It’s a dark day for an otherwise good program,” Tomassetti said.

The Mirror asked commissioners Tuesday to direct solicitor Nathan Karn to review and explore the court’s decision-making procedures that may be occurring outside of the state’s Sunshine Law addressing open government.

While privacy laws can be invoked to protect the identity of the person who asked for the abortion, the Mirror maintains that discussions and decisions on how Blair County spends money are subject to the Sunshine Law.

In this case, the discussion and decision occurred privately between the Drug Court’s assessment team and Judge Jolene G. Kopriva, who oversees Drug Court. When objections surfaced, the $275 loan from the Drug Court fund was repaid by an anonymous donor.

Controller Richard J. Peo said Tuesday that he sees no paperwork associated with the fund.

That paperwork, including the tracking of income and expenses, is handled in the county’s Drug and Alcohol office, which for the first time was forwarding a report Tuesday afternoon to Tomassetti.

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