Pa. mom can't read Bible at kindergarten show and tell

PHILADELPHIA — A kindergartner’s mother cannot read Scripture during show and tell, even if the Bible is the boy’s favorite book, a federal appeals court said yesterday in the latest challenge over religion in public schools.


This is a major reason why I send my kids to catholic school…

Reason # 8553 why my kids go to Catholic school.

The Courts are insane on the issue of religion in the public schools.

If I cannot afford catholic school (praying and hoping) my kiddos will be homeschooled…

Yeah, I’ve definitely enjoyed Catholic elementary and high school :slight_smile:

I kinda support this

Religion should be kept out of public schools. If the mom and dad and want to teach their child religion, that’s fine and good. But public school is not the place to push what you believe on others. Politically or religiously.

so since it might be opposed to someone else beliefs it shouldnt be part of show and tell? well then should they prohibit kids from reading green eggs and ham after all many jews and muslims may be opposed to its contens and message promoting eating pork. sounds extreme doesnt it. well so does telling a kindergartener that their favorite book isnt allowed.

the first amendment is supposed to keep the state out of the church, NOT the church out of the state.

I get what you are saying, however, it’s not PC to let people read a religious text to kindergartners for a show and tell. It would be the same as someone possibly reading a book that promotes far leftist or rightist propaganda. I’m hardly calling the Bible the same as those, as it’s not. But it can still be seen as pushing something on people and I’m against that, especially children who can be easily manipulated into believing whatever, even if it’s something good, such as Christianity.

Would you be ok with the Koran being read at show and tell? A wiccan book?

I encourage you to go and talk with the school. Most have a sliding fee scale and are very motivated to have you join them. If they are not, perhaps they are not a very good Catholic school.

if those were the favorite book of a kid why not. its show and tell. how long would the presentation last 30secs? a minute? either we all have rights or none of us do. who cares if it isnt ‘PC’. usually the less ‘pc’ something is the more i like it because i think that attitude of never offend anyone will lead to our downfall.

Interesting - I’m close to this area. I’ve taught in a Catholic school, some sort of generic combined “christian” college, and I send my kids to public schools.

I think the bottom line is, if they allow this, they have to allow the same for Bhuddist, the muslim, the jehovah’s witness and it becomes a nightmare.

It is a challenge to have my kids in public school because they come home with questions about their friend from Pakistan, (muslim) or the one from India (hindu), or her Christian friends who are NOT Catholic. It is a GOOD challenge I think, because it give me a chance to explain our beliefs a bit deeper. And with my wife teaching them in CCC, they are getting some guidance.

Incidentally, my kids’ schools are really lenient and flexible about things religious. (so far!)

This is what happens when Atheism is the official religion of the state.

But keeping religion out of the schools is teaching religion. It’s teaching atheism. It’s teaching that religion is something you should be ashamed about and not use for anything intellectual or important in life. It teaches that religion is offensive to others. It teaches that not offending others is more important than your religious beliefs. It teaches that religion should not be part of politics or government. It teaches that no one can get along that have different faiths unless you hide your religion. It teaches that religion should not be respected. It teaches that religion is to be suspiciously avoided. It teaches that religon can be separated from parts of your life. It teaches that religion can be separated from science and history and literature. It teaches lies.

Hey, it’s teaching what the young believe today, and what is well on it’s way of being legislated across the country.

I disagree. Keeping religion out of schools is not about teaching atheism, nor does it teach that religion is shameful. In fact, teaching about religion is an important part of a social studies curriculum because it is so important to human life. The important thing is to carefully discuss the topic so as to not offend or denigrate anyone.

Kindergarten is way too early to introduce comparative religions. If someone wants to talk up their faith of choice, they should save it for sunday school.

Yes, lets put it in a petry dish and study it so no one relates to it nor gets contaminated, er, I mean offended or denigrated. We can study how those primitive people are confused, but we can be entertained by their wonderful historical myths. And then, the schools can tell the kids not to worry if their parents don’t agree. They’re smarter than their own parents and shouldn’t let their parents’ opinions influence them. Poor dupes.

Oh, yeah, that already is being taught too. Funny thing is, the smarter kids are the ones that are easier brainwashed – and by convincing them that they’re making independant, intellectual decisions! When all the time, they were led by the nose by clever psychological techniques. What a joke.

Religion is not a subject that is merely taught. It’s lived or it’s worthless.

Good gosh, where did you go to school?? That is nothing like I experienced in social studies - learning respect for the beliefs of others was important.

I totally agree here. I would NOT want the Bible read - not because I don’t love the Bible (I do) and think everyone should read it (they should) but because I wouldn’t want some other kid’s favorite religious book to be read to my child. What if his classmate’s favorite book was actually a Chick tract called “The Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon?” Or what if was “Why Martin Luther is My Hero?” No thanks. Keep religion out of public schools. There are some VERY wacky religions out there… open it up to ours and you have to open it up to theirs.

And honestly, I question if the Bible is actually the 5 year old’s favorite book or if the Mom wants it to be so she can read it to the class? I don’t know many 5 year olds who would pick the Bible as their FAVORITE book.

Imagine this, religion taught in every school and no government involvement in school. I think this could be a good thing.

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