Pa. mother charged with changing daughter's grades

SCHOOL SECRETARY MOM CHANGES DAUGHTER’S GRADES IN COMPUTER. And lowers those of other students to improve her daughter’s standing. Tacky, as well as felonious.

Now, contrast this to a remark made about a national politician on this forum recently: "All good mothers have a bit of ‘mama lion’ in them when it comes to their children. "

As they should, it is a gift from God to help us fulfill our vocation when used properly. Like all gifts, it can be misused by the recipient, But I am not sure that this would fall under that category. she didn’t seem to be defending or protecting her daughter fom anything. Just cheating.

So the other moms should tear her up for lowering their children’s grades?

Non sequitor.

That’s why the role of fathers is to protect their offspring from their own mothers. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s like the educational equal to embezzlement!

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