Pa. Woman Accused of Stealing Baby Charged With Homicide

I do not know what it is, but this is the second incident in about a year from the Pittsburgh area:

Pa. Woman Accused of Stealing Baby Charged With Homicide
Sunday , July 20, 2008

PITTSBURGH — A woman suspected of cutting open a pregnant woman’s uterus and stealing the baby has been charged with homicide, unlawful restraint and kidnapping, police said Sunday.

Andrea Curry-Demus, 38, of Wilkinsburg, is charged in the death of Kia Johnson, 18, of McKeesport. Curry-Demus is accused of taking the baby boy to a Pittsburgh hospital and claiming it was her own

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If you have kept up with the story you know this is her third try a stealing a baby. Her first she stabbed a woman. Her second she took a baby after it was born. Now she has in all likelihood killed to get one.

May we pray for the soul of the dead mother and for all involved.

Oops, the other similar incident was a couple of years ago.

Local Woman Charged With Trying to Kill Pregnant Woman
Police say Peggy Jo Conner attacked Valerie Oskin and cut her abdomen

Conner is facing charges including attempted homicide and aggravated assault of an unborn child

The District Attorney says the motive was apparently to get the victim’s unborn baby and raise it as her own

Kittanning (KDKA) ― A Ford City woman is being held without bond in the Armstrong County Jail accused of attacking a pregnant woman and cutting her abdomen with a razor.

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Two different women. If you would have read my referred to article you would have seen this.

In 1990, Curry-Demus, then known as Andrea Curry, was accused of stabbing a woman in an alleged plot to steal the woman’s infant. A day after that stabbing, Curry-Demus snatched a 3-week-old baby girl from a hospital. The baby was found unharmed with Curry-Demus at her home the next day.
Curry-Demus pleaded guilty in 1991 to various charges from both incidents and got three to 10 years in prison, according to court records. She was paroled in August 1998.

I never said it was the same woman. I said similar incidents :shrug:

The parents of the murdered mother of the baby have forgiven the killer as Christians are asked to do. They do however want her to be punished for the crime.

News agencies have today revealed that the accused has a past history of evil baby-stealing - but was still allowed to walk the streets a free woman.



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