paarsurrey, I have to write you a letter...


“Exhaustive research” is no match for fulfilled prophecy.

Fulfilled prophecy has God’s signature on it. “Exhaustive research” could have been done by an idiot.

paarsurrey; Why have you posted this same topic seven (7) times today? Why must you hijack all of our threads? (Nestorianism…) (Different Mary questions) (Assumption of Our Lady) (Against Mary - “Totus tuus, Mary” ) (Discussing Mary) (Did Mary Die?) (Did Mary Die? once is not enough, hey paarsurrey])

Dear paarsurrey,

You seem to have alot of energy. I just hope you can channel it and ask the question, “Why do Christians believe?” The answer may surprise you.

With regards,
Charlie Zeaiter.


You do know what this is going to result in dont you, more cutting and pasting of why he is cutting and pasting… :rolleyes:



Thank you for writing a courteous nice letter. You know different threads are read by different people, that is why they opened new threads for almost the same subject; so we would get answer from more people resulting to widened search field .



Amazing. First time I have seen some indication that paarsurey actually read a post.

Btw. Have we had any evidence on the Christ in Kashmir story? Your silence admits defeat.

And the surah like it challenge, with Hamba. Have we had any discusion on the criteria on which to judge a sura, like at surahlikeit? Your silence admits defeat.

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