Packing . . . help!


I am sitting here on the forums feeling sick to my stomach. We (DD and I) are leaving on Friday to visit my parents. It is a 13 hour drive (without stops). On Monday, we will be flying to Asia to visit DH.:smiley: I am so excited to see him. It has been 4 months and we get to stay for 4 weeks!!!

But, I hate traveling. And I hate packing. Just the thought of it makes me feel sick. I have piles of things set aside and will continue to do so this week, but I still feel like I won’t get it all finished in time. UGH!

Does anyone else go through this? If yes, how do you handle it? I guess getting to work instead of sitting at the computer would be a good start.:o

(DH is my calming influence. I don’t get this way when we are preparing together–but it doesn’t work when he isn’t here.)


I roll everything into a backpack and a duffle bag.:slight_smile:


You are not alone. When I was younger I thought that I loved to travel, now that I am older I know that I do not like it. I always spent the night before the trip awake, packing things or doing work. I am a procrastinator. :smiley:


I make lists. Almost compusively. And I categoricize them too. That way I can procrastinate for a bit, and when I do leave it for the last minute, I know exactly what to pack :wink:


I make lists when I pack, too. It’s the only time I ever make lists. It helps me to feel like I’m not forgetting something. Plus, when you’re making the list, you’re putting off packing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a wonderful trip!!


Start out by guessing the number of days you’ll spend between laundry loads. Then pack enough general-purpose clothing to last that long. Choose the items that you wear most often. Then add anything you might need for a special event. Don’t forget about bad-weather clothing.

Then, walk around your bedroom/bathroom/kitchen, look around, and pack anything (within reason) that you use on a regular basis. If something isn’t lying out in plain sight, then you probably don’t use it that often, and you don’t need to pack it. (Except for cameras, etc).


You’re not alone.

I get antsy when we are nearing a travel date. DH packs himself, but I am in charge of the other five of us. It makes me nervous that I’ll forget something important.


I’m with the list makers. I make one and save it on the computer, then with different trips change it accordingly to weather clothes. I wait to do laundry the day before and pack instead of fold and put away. I don’t really like to pack either, but I do everyone, even my dh. :slight_smile: He doesn’t even know what I pack him. :slight_smile:


Are there stores where you are going? If so, the stress is less. Pack light, pack things that are replacable (if luggage gets lost/stolen), and if you forget toothpaste you can get some at your destination. You do NOT need a different outfit for every day of the trip, you can get by with one good pair of shoes apiece -

I am a very light travler :slight_smile:


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